i got my ipod touch already!! :D manong taxi driver was a bitch and was irritating but getting the gadget was worth it. haha. i must now resist the heightened temptation to open the damn thing. i hope that i'll be able to sell it immediately and go gadgetbuying.

eto mga gusto ko bilhin:

2 more halogen lights!! para makapagthree-point lighting system na ko, k.

a wacom graphics tablet!

an 8gig usb.

an ipod shuffle? (haha para may engraving things at maretain ang pagkaipod niya k.)


or maybe i should just keep the ipod? hahaha. but still. i don't want to want things i don't need. decisions decisions decisions.. haha. must make up mind asap. :))

Posted by chronicwind on March 2, 2009 at 05:57 PM | catch a feather
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