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Now I must turn my happiness into productivity.



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pangit ka pangit ka PANGIT KA!

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report sucked, but prof liked my concept. WHAT A HIGH

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nanay's birthday was yesterday, but she was in one of her work-related trips abroad (rome!!) so we celebrated via cake and skype. We made her "blow" the candle. it's both sad and sweet. :( at least we made her happy during her day. ang hirap pala talaga ng sitwasyon pag may ofw parents. this, multiplied by 364 times is sad. At least she's only gone for 3 weeks. missing her! badly.

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1) When I'm mad, the cheapest way to appease my raging soul is via cake. A slice of cheesecake would be good. A WHOLE MANGO BRAVO CAKE FROM CONTI'S WOULD BE PERFECTION. Let's eat, then let's talk.

haha ito lang muna.

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"Itong si anna, mukhang laging sasayaw."

Best quote of the week. Inside, I was like, REALLY? :D :D :D HAHA. Though negative to sa context ng pagkakasabi, bilang umaarte dapat ako at hindi dapat ako mukhang sasayaw. haha. haha. fun shoot. i miss dancing! i feel so sleazy right nao i need my fitness fix. 

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And here I thought it's just 4am, at most.

UGH yesterday was a complete fail. Hope today isn't.

I just realized that I run two blogs and three active social networking sites. None of which are synced. My thoughts are all over the place, gah.

Must focus. Extremely.

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I could fall for you everyday :)

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first time driving alone was yesterday. adventure woohoo! got to my destination whole, amidst many bobo moments like: stopping at the pedestrian lane (traffic light turned red before I could cross); trying to get into a no-entry street, a couple of wrong turns (I was supposed to be following the jeep, but I got lost), engine stops (and causing traffic like that). I'm just glad I arrived safely and nailed the parking HAHA.  arrived back at home alive - way home was much more peaceful than the previous night. yeee and im so happy for the support of ze pigz. 

Today I drove my tatay and my brother to CCP. Or almost there. I stopped near Quiapo, because as I was going up the ramp, it was traffic, at hindi ko matimpla ng matino yung clutch at gas. bumped the car at my rear slightly :o Haha. first bunggo ko yun ever. Tapos bonggang binubusinahan na ko, so nagpalit na kami ni tatay :(

I drove the whole way back. accomplishment! mga dalawang beses lang ako namatayan ng makina hahaha. better engine than lives! I feel proud. It's MANILA HELLYES. ang problema ko talaga yung hanging and u-turns ng slight. so no parental approval for me to drive other non-driving people boooo. Owell I'll get that soon enough! di ko pa deserve right now.

THE INDEPENDENCE IS OVERWHELMING HAHA. THREE YEARS WHY DID I LET IT STRETCH OUT LIKE THAT?! Grabe ang nagagawa ng procrastination :( I could've been driving to quezon right now whut. I'm loving driving, better enjoy these moments before it becomes a chore.

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There are just some people you couldn't "uncare" about. Not now. Maybe not ever. 

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decided to manifeset itself today. drive to ultra: bumped a car and created a dent in it, got held up for color-coding, got lost trying to find our way, toomuchtraffic- 1hour for a meager stretch of road, parked far from the destination. Drive home: walked around, lost our way (came back where we started), wrong lane - ended up on the elevated u-turn, and just when I was all calm and shit like nothing can go wrong any more, I got held up for violating a red light signal (na hindi naman pala talaga dapat!). Fudge this. Inward panic manifested on the outside, scared my passengers i think. :)) It's good that they counteracted my BV and are in full support. Thank God for friends, and loose change in the car. Thank God for us arriving home safely. Bukas pagtatawanan ko nalang lahat ng ito.

-until the bill from the dent comes. I hope it doesn't. Please Kuyang eye candy kalimutan mo nalang. Haha. Owell have to be Responsible. AND BE MORE CAREFUL NEXT TIME! also, be calm, because there may not be a next time anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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