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Don't waste the little minutes anymore!

Posted by chronicwind on January 3, 2011 at 05:08 PM | catch a feather

naiiyak ako sa kawalang-kwentahan ng buhay ko. ANO BA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I'm so blessed and priveleged, I COULD DO SO MUCH BETTER

then why don't i :(((

Posted by chronicwind on January 7, 2011 at 03:56 AM | catch a feather

One that is free, and can store the photos in my drive, without losing resolution. Tough luck.

1) Flickr - pro account is cheap, at only 24$, YES to unlimitied photos and resolution, BUT the photo organization is a mess. I want the pics to be organized like those in my computer - have a folder hierarchy. It's something I don't want to compromise. Can upload videos though, and community is amazing. Ay wait ayun, pwede naman pala magnest ng sets/collections.

2) Picasa - doesn't offer unlimited photo storage. 'Nuff said.

3) Fotki - Free account is only about 70mb worth of pics I think. Totally not worth it.

4) Smugmug - Hmm, I like it, I like the interface, BUT it's too expensive for me at 50$.. I also find its photo organization lacking. It has unlimited storage and full res downloads, though.

5) Shutterfly - Also has an expensive pro package, but I love how it categorizes its pictures. Free use doesn't have full res downloads though, asa pa ko.

6) Photobucket - ^so does photobucket.

7) Photoshelter - the only one that can store raw files and psds, i think. Win, but no unlimited storage. 50$ fee for the 100 gig storage, hmm is that enough in the long run? Prolly not, sayang. Oh wait that 50$ is per month. Haggard.

Posted by chronicwind on January 8, 2011 at 05:05 AM | catch a feather

fantasizing on buying one. Haha. When I have a job this is the first one i'll buy. Or the second (camera first?). Or the third (binocs second!). ahhh I dunno.

the main reason is for astrophotography. For traveling (and for beginner/star party purposes, I already have a scope in mind - an astroscan. Portable and cute. For astrophotography:

Astropix.com says:

"Refractors provide high contrast views and are excellent for lunar and planetary work, and all types of deep-sky astrophotography.

High-quality refractors are more expensive per inch of aperture than Newtonians or catadioptric telescopes. Their maximum size is limited because of price considerations as well as difficulty in design and obtaining the exotic glass necessary for optimum color correction. Because of this limitation on aperture size in amateur refractors, they can't see or record objects as faint as can be detected with a telescope with a larger objective. For astrophotography however a refractor in the 4 to 6 inch size can record remarkably faint objects. Also, the stellar resolution of a good refractor in this size range, around one arc second, matches up very well with the resolution allowed by atmospheric seeing, especially on long-exposure deep-sky images. "

So main drawback is price, but since other than skyscapes with landscapes, I want to capture deep-sky images, it seems like refractors are the way to go.

"Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes are usually around f/10 which is relatively slow for deep-sky astrophotography. They are compact and portable for their aperture size and are reasonably priced because they are popular and mass-produced.

Good pictures can be taken with SCTs, but they require a lot of work and patience. The vast majority of SCTs sold these days are sold with computerized Go To altazimuth mounts that limit exposures to about 30 seconds before field rotation becomes a problem. To use an altazimuth mounted Go To SCT for long-exposure astrophotography, you will need a wedge." -> clicking on that link gives me page not found.

"Newtonians - For astrophotography, they must be off-axis guided. Depending on the focal ratio, they may require coma correctors for photography. The biggest problem with attaching a camera to a newtonian telescope that is made for visual use, is that they usually don't have enough "back focus". This means that you cannot rack the focuser out enough to get the camera to come to focus. The typical solution to this problem is to move the mirror up in the tube."

"Astrophotography can get to be as expensive a hobby as you want to make it. Some people spend, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars on prime real estate in Arizona and New Mexico and build completely automated remote observatories and then stay in the comfort of their homes and download images over the internet. For those with the resources to do it, the sky is the limit on how much you can spend." Shet sana umabot ako sa ganung lebel, sky's the limit! hahaha.

Ay shet ang mamahal ng suggested scopes for astrophotog by that site. Cheapest is 379$ f/6. Hmm ok naman na siguro hahaha. 

"Most experienced astrophotographers find that a good 4 or 5 inch apochromatic refractor is an excellent choice for deep-sky astrophotography because of its versatility. Such a scope can keep you busy for a long time and last a lifetime."

Ok dedz. The cheapest 4-inch mentioned on the site costs 995$, that's almost 43k. actually, reasonable naman siya ano? parang price lang ng laptop. Can't wait to get a high paying job (sige mangarap sige). At wala pang mga mount yan i think. AT ANG MAHAL NG MOUNTS SHET. Cheapest recommended one is 850$. I die.

This Orion 8" Newtonian Looks good! Strong and powerful plus keri na siguro for a first sweldo (or christmas bonus hahaha). I also want a Ritchey-Chretien! Even if I don't understand how it works (or even how to pronounce it). It just sounds good on paper, haha. More expensive though. Hubble is a Ritchey-Chretien btw.

Another site (forgot the one, sorry) said that refractors are better in light-polluted cities, since they will gather less light pollution (or something like that). So kelangan ko talaga ng refractors ganun? haha. This one looks like a good refractor. Expensive pero yan na yung pinakamura in its range I think. That can be my astrophotography scope.

Ang ultimate dream ko talaga someday for this astronomy hobby of mine is an observatory. Wait, gagawa pala muna ng national astro organization (na magiging known internationally) tapos they'll have this observatory as a tambayan/ whatever tapos may star party every week. hahaha kung mangangarap din lang naman ano. This is when the PAGASA observatory actually uses its observatory (or the largest scope in the Philippines, ganyan). Tapos I'll have this observatory sa province (cebu?? aurora??) haha so people will appreciate astronomy more. C'mon the Philippines is blessed with awesome land, sea, and SKY. Sinisira lang natin lahat with land, air, water, light pollution. :( So sad.

For astrophotography naman, an analemma!! total patience. Doable in the philippines with its erratic weather? I hope so.


Posted by chronicwind on January 9, 2011 at 02:08 AM | catch a feather

This night's internet fixation: scholarships. International, postgraduate ones, that is.

I find Bournemouth University's MA Writing for the media super bettable. I want to apply! But only after I get my act together (after one, two years?), and when I have a decent enough portfolio. Therefore, write write write and raket raket raket!!!

From the site:

"This 12 month Masters degree, the first of its kind in the UK, aims to develop your individual creative voice as a writer and the range of your authorial skills, enabling you to write for a variety of media – including film, television, radio and new media. On this course you don’t simply write. Your work will get made. You will see your scripts go into production while you are on the course."

This sounds SO EXCITING!

"Writing students engage with film, television, radio and new media. An innovative range of assignments enable students to embark upon scripts for a variety of forms and genres, including Graphic Fiction, Interactive Narratives, Online Drama, Digital Writing, Twitter Fiction, animation and short film dramas for mobile phones."

Twitter fiction? Online Drama? NAKAKAKILIG ANG WORDS NA TO SHET. I WANT! Writing is my first love talaga e.



Posted by chronicwind on January 10, 2011 at 04:17 AM | catch a feather

Dream jobs:

writer (publish book. work in a magazine.)

director/whatever (create an awesome full-length film/ animation)

teach in a preschool. :)

something astronomy? hahaha

teach dance?

travel things (NGO work?)

media production things

set up an org (PAASA????)

real estate para mayaman. haha. set up a resto/bar/bookstore thing (family business?)

mygod andami kong gustong gawin. haha. grumaduate ka na nga!



- adobe after effects

- adobe flash

- adobe illustrator (DAPAT DAPAT DAPAT!!)

- php

- final cut pro

- 3d studio max. hihi


tsaka foreign languages para fun! yeah.

Posted by chronicwind on January 15, 2011 at 02:23 AM | catch a feather

Sometimes I really hate democracy. HAHAHA. Minsan kelangan iasa sa isang tao ang lahat - one who knows best, has everyone's best interest at heart, yung mapagkakatiwalaan. Yung iba kasi uninformed lang ang choices, and don't bother to know more. Nakakainis. Haynako. Bahala na nga, I won't cry about this, OK!

But I am. Nakakalungkot.

Posted by chronicwind on January 20, 2011 at 08:41 PM | catch a feather

Yung masayang kasama sa trips, hindi maarte, tas ako lagi masusunod - ako ang may say sa lahat. HAHAHAHA. control freak much? huhuhu. kadepress. 

Posted by chronicwind on January 20, 2011 at 09:15 PM | catch a feather

Hello sa inyo, kung nababasa nyo to. You know who you are. :))

Actually Ok lang naman pala, all the juicy posts are private posts :D Haha. Puro things-to-do shit lang yung nandito. Reading back, I find that my life is composed of so many things-to-do I rarely do anyway, or fail to do in time. Haha. Whatalife.

I'm hungry.



Posted by chronicwind on January 24, 2011 at 07:17 PM | catch a feather

Ambilis! Hindi ko kinaya. Reality check January 25 na HELLO HELLO HELLO

Posted by chronicwind on January 25, 2011 at 12:44 AM | catch a feather

valentine museum

I'll light a star for my beloved - Thesis. Yes, thesis. It needs to shine shine shine bright. AND IT NEEDS TO BE DONE. And for it to be done it needs to start. O GAME NA KASI BE AN ORION NEBULA GIVE BIRTH TO THE STAR ALREADY!!!!


Posted by chronicwind on January 25, 2011 at 03:33 AM | catch a feather

I am so proud of you! You can now adjust a picture's size according to the layout's frame size. So happy! You're growing up.

Meanwhile, please fix your security settings. There must be something wrong with it (or magaling lang talaga si lolo).  This is doing nothing for my trust in you. So sad.

Naba-bipolar nanaman ako. Also, I kinda miss my phone. Kahit na masarap din ang buhay  ng walang phone. Pero kelangan ko na ng reality e. Reading Harry Potter, the ultimate escapist book, is over :( Go na balik ka na sa buhay mo k.

Ay speaking of HP, natatawa ako kanina because while in the shower, may naimagine akong scenario na may sakit ako to get away from some task, and the first sickness that came to mind is "Spattergroit". Tapos nagulat at natawa ko, hindi ko talaga inakalang yun ang una kong maiisip :)) Naiimagine ko reaksyon ng mga tao kung yun nga yung sinabi ko. Ganito siguro - o_O Haha. Hangover much.

NahiHIMYM ako (himym naman ngayon. haha). Sakto din talaga yung episode na kapag may nangyaring meaningful sa buhay ng friends mo, you reflect on your own life too, and want to take the next step forward narin. So thank you Mafi! Congrats on your new job! So happy na ulit. Can't wait to be alta!

Posted by chronicwind on January 25, 2011 at 04:11 AM | catch a feather

Mourning for the victims of the recent Edsa bus bombing. Kelan kaya matatapos itong Muslim issues at terrorist attacks? Bakit hindi parin nareresolve? Paano ba mareresolve? Anyway, for a while naremind ako ng dangers of commuting. You never really know. Sabi nga ni Moody, Constant Vigilance.

Haay ano ba to.

Also, the gunning of broadcaster Gerardo Ortega pains me. Why must the good people go. This is a man who advocates Palawan ecotourism, which is being hindered by mining in the province. Ansakit sa pusong malamang ganun ganun lang mina-mine ang palawan. It has 17 KBAs! Shet pag nasira ang palawan dedz na tayong lahat.

Kulang talaga ng Respect sa bansang to. Respect for other people. Respect for the environment. Respect for beliefs and principles not in line with yours. Respect needs to happen a lot more, please. How?



Posted by chronicwind on January 26, 2011 at 08:53 PM | catch a feather

3 out of 5 today. Hmm. Pasang-awa. 

Posted by chronicwind on January 28, 2011 at 11:52 PM | catch a feather

I'm glad I found out about the movement to improve Philippine airports, after this article affected me. Last time I was at Naia I was so excited to go to Hong Kong that I didn't care if I pass through hell - I'm going to Hong Kong! was all that mattered. And the way back, I was so hung-up on that clean, train-station-laden country that I didn't pay attention to the airport. Next week I will have first-hand experience again in one of the worst airports in the world. This time I would keep my eyes open and note all the negatives, as well as the positives.

The facebook page was an informative read, though some comments bothered me: 

"Thank you for the initiative, and I must add, we should hire, competent, professional and polite people sa airport. May mga OFWs na siguro first time lang lumipad e sinisigawan ng immigration assistants *yung nag aayos ng pila sa immigration sa bulok na NAIA 1* na parang kala mo kung sino, sinasabihan pa ng tanga yung tao. ... Nakakahiya din sa mga foreigners who were able to witness such cruelty and unprofessionalism from an airport staff."

"...in Sampaguita Lounge of NAIA 1, The place was not condusive for resting ( the old chairs, TV set with bad reception...) , the bathroom and the food they served - I dont know !@#* . Considering that there were so many foreigners during that time. "

Bakit may sentiments na nakakahiya lang sa foreigners, na makakita ng cruelty and unproffesionalism? Hindi ba nakakahiya - at nakakagalit - para sa lahat yun? Bakit kailangan iconsider na maraming foreigners?? Don't we all deserve a rest-conducive airport with good bathrooms, me foreigners man o wala? Nakakainis na nakakalungkot!

Anyway, reading through the other comments I realized that we lack integration in infrastructures.  There's no commute-friendly way to go to the airport from here, except via cab, which is so expensive. Trains are not connected, making one sweaty and feeling dirty just walking from one line to another. Kahit UP enrollment nga e, one has to go to different offices just to finish the process. 


If there are infrastructures I would advocate to death it's parks and trains and bike lanes and wide pavements and - hahaha I could go on and on, but yeah it's mostly parks and trains. Better transportation system please! It took a trip to HK, my transport haven, to realize how severely inefficient our public transportation system is. And back then I used to be proud of our colorful jeepneys. Marketing! Tsk. Jeeps are a major pollutant and inconvenient as hell - they would suddenly stop or swerve without warning. A nightmare! If we're going to be living with these vehicles, they might as well be electronic (or better yet, solar-powered). We also need good drivers, and designated stops, and of course, people who actually follow them.

I'm so excited to go out of town, and the unnecessary steps in the two-hour check-in procedure and the terminal fee irks me but I hope that these movement reach the desired people and they get to do something about it. Leaders step up, do your job!


Posted by chronicwind on January 29, 2011 at 03:16 AM | catch a feather


Ok normal traveller siya blah blah blah HELLO isn't this what it's supposed to be? Haynako e dapat naman talaga wala siyang special treatment. Dapat status quo na ang ganito e. Just shows how deep pami-pamilya at kai-kaibigan runs in the society.

Posted by chronicwind on January 29, 2011 at 03:23 AM | catch a feather

Ano ba yan, kelangan ko nang magprivate ng posts that I don't need to privatize before. Privatize??? hahaha. Anyway, gusto ko magselective obliviate. Sana pwede yun ano IRL. Also, I need a wand. Sige magpantasya pa

Posted by chronicwind on January 31, 2011 at 04:10 AM | catch a feather
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