I’m in a sort of school, run very strictly. I have friends and a lovelife. They can control the students, (like an imperius curse) except for twelve of us, in which I only know of another one. When the school authorities learned that there were people like us who they can’t control, they started to hunt us down. Our friends began disappearing, we could be turned in by anyone – thus our distrust to everyone at school. Me  and my other friend who can’t also be manipulated tried to run away. They knew who we are now, and so we tried to hitch around in a cargo truck that’s leaving the school. We climbed to the top of the truck – while it was moving! What a thrill. And people were  chasing after us. But before the truck can leave the school, it bumped into something (or did its engine just die down? Can’t remember) which made us exposed and we turned to face the public, ready for our punishment (death). There were just too many of them and we can’t fight them all. We tried to run, but we blacked out (or we managed to slip into a room, filled with people who don’t  know what’s happening outside). We were talking about our conditions in hushed whisper, when one of our kakampi showed up and told us that we’re safe – the school authorities don’t have proof that we tried to run away – no one could see us clearly since it was foggy. We were talking when suddenly my companion’s voice became loud, and so the people in the room knew that we were wanted by the authorities. Our kakampi said we needn’t worry because the authorities have no proof of our nonconformity and running away yet, so we better stay inconspicuous, don’t do anything that will merit attention. However, a guy in the room tried to bait us doing something criminal: I noticed that he had a suspicious look, he was holding a phone and his fingers were moving.. I jumped into the conclusion that he was recording our conversation and is now sending us to the authorities, so I quickly snatched his phone, and that made another person in the room suspicious of me, like I’m a thief, and was going to open the door to tell the authorities, while I tried to convince her that it’s not what she thinks… Our kakampi who’s a leader-type guy quickly blocked the door and forbade every one to leave, pleading to them that we’ll die if they turn us in. They agreed, even if doing this meant risking their lives too.  As we were talking about our strategy – how to keep hidden; how to get out of the shool, the man in the room was using his phone again – I didn’t realize he have gotten them back, I must have tossed it aside during the confusion – and with a sinking stomach I snatched it from him again, and saw that he was, indeed, texting that the he is with the "wanteds" and he had disclosed our location. Interestingly, the one he’s sending messages to are named as Cory and Ninoy. (wtf no. haha). They had a text message that they were coming back. Panicked, I told everyone to run and hide, the authorities could be here any moment. I ran and tried to hide inside a bathroom stall, held my breath when a person walked up to the stall and opened it, but to my surprise, it was one of the people in the room, and told me that’s it’s not safe there, we better find another hiding place. We found one inside a room filled with ancient furniture – we saw others from our conversation room there too, and four of us hid under a table draped with ancient cloth. And then the door opened, we could see their footsteps, and we were all collectively afraid that we would be found out. Their figures were like dementors. One of them held up the cloth, but I closed my eyes and told myself, “I’m dead, I’m not afraid” so that they wouldn’t detect us – since gut instinct told me that’s what they detect (parang dementors?) and fervently wished others are doing the same. It worked when the dementor thing peeked through our table and saw nothing there, and then the other dementors bagan vanishing – into thin air..and the dreadful mood was lifted, and other students began appearing again, my boyfriend appeared – he was hot hahaha, dark. And I hugged him so tightly, and he hugged me too and twirled me around, and said that it’s over now. I told him “wala na yung mga kalaban!” (the dementors) but he shook his head no, and pointed to a guy sleeping with his earphones on and holding an iPod touch. He was one of our classmates. “Yan ang tunay na kalaban.” Boyfriend explained, and I realized we were in some kind of videogame, and that the round has cleared up and now he was sleeping, that’s why we’re having this time to ourselves. I wondered how long this has been going on, and boyfriend just shrugged, “For a while. Prepare yourself, the game’s starting again soon” . I hugged him tightly, knowing that the memories of past events would be lost once the game starts. The earphone guy stirred, opened his eyes, another game began, now. We were on the grocery; we were shopping for – clay. I want the brand called Widgen and they wanted play dough, and I was acting sort of immature –

And then I woke up. Haha interesting dream no. Parang movie. Ang exciting! But what could it mean? :)) 

Posted by chronicwind on February 27, 2011 at 03:59 PM | catch a feather
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