learn how to ride a motorcycle! No matter how scary it may seem. at kelangan magkalicense ka for that. This summer. Keri??

tignan mo si legalnomads, exploring the beautiful provinces with a motorcycle! Ang hirap magcar lalo na pag magisa lang. Iniisip ko rin bike, pero nakakapagod much? Knowing myself, I wouldn't have the patience for it. Haha. Or maybe I have to change that. But but bikes are only good for short distances (for me).. Paano ang uphill climbs? Or kahit nga yung road palang papuntang chocolate hills 1 day siguro pagbike paakyat nun hahaha. So yeah, motorbike. Tsaka laganap ito sa Southeast Asia right, if you want to tour it deliciously (deliciously whut), you have to learn this.

Sana may solar-powered motorbikes, cheap and available for rent.

Posted by chronicwind on March 1, 2011 at 12:49 AM | catch a feather
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