Because I'm cheap, and I love thrills. Haha. All of these are less than 15 pesos:

disclaimer: all pictures are not mine


5. Monde Special Mamon. php12

I love this mamon. It's the Goldilocks of mamon - not the Goldilocks the brand, but the Goldilocks type - the "just right" kind. The texture is not too siksik and not too fluffy, the taste is what I would call malinamnam. There's no other word for it. It's not too sweet, but it doesn't taste bland either. It's just right, all over.

Where to find: Ministop, groceries?

(not really Dunkin Donuts, but close enough)

4. Dunkin Donuts choco stick. php11

I didn't expect much from this 11-peso chocolatey goodness, but I fell for the first bite. The donut stick just filled my mouth with so much chocolate , I was sold. I always order the one with the nut toppings. More value for money! Haha I'm grepa like that.

Where to find: Dunkin Donut Stalls around the corner

3. Butter Coconut. php11-15

Oooh, another Monde. This butter coconut and I, we had already spent so many nights together. It's my go-to-food whenever I'm burning the midnight oil. It's crazy cheap, and pretty fulfilling. Just enough sugar rush to keep my stomach from complaining.

where to find: Ministop, groceries

2. Ministop Sundae Cone, php15

I love, love, love the Vanilla. Though I think right now, they're serving Cheesecake, and not Vanilla. I love cheesecake the cake, but not so much the ice cream. The cheesecake one needs some time to get used to, and after a while, I liked it. But nothing beats Vanilla! It's creamy, the cone is thick and crunchy, but the best part is the amount. So much ice cream for so little! And it tastes good too, so it's a definite win.

1. Munchers Coated Green Peas Beef Spicy Flavor. php11? I'm not sure

Unlike the others, this one isn't in the sweet category. But it's so addicting! I can finish one pack in one sitting, all by my lonesome. Hee. I'm greedy. I love the flavor, and I love greenpeas. The plain ones aren't as good. Also, that man in the rocketship caroon in the packaging is pretty funny.

So there it is. This list is making me hungry. Btw, this is not supposed to be arranged from least to most favorite; it's a five-way tie. I just like counting down. :)

Posted by chronicwind on February 19, 2012 at 11:45 AM | catch a feather
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