Ok I wasn't prepared for this.

I allowed myself the luxury of assuming that he was going to be there tonight. Conjured up scenarios in my head of us being friendly, having fun. Big mistake. What the hell made me so sure anyway? 

Ambobo, ambobo. I am sad pandas all over. Ansakit haha. OK self, last day ko na 'to being hung up on him. Live your life tomorrow, dumbass. As long as hindi pa kayo patay dalawa, there will be time.

And when opportunity presents itself, grab it. Tightly, immediately. And time management please. YOU COULD HAVE SPENT THE WHOLE DAY WITH HIM TODAY GODDAMIT. If you actually did your job in the weekdays you woudn't have to feel guilty on going out on weekends. Ambobo please.

*Batoks self* Last na 'to. Last na 'to.

Posted by chronicwind on July 13, 2013 at 09:25 PM | catch a feather
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