Traipsed to Quiapo to have my crushed lens fixed. Mygad ang careless ko kasi, it's the second time it happened; first time, I surprisingly fixed it by myself by pulling on the lens, pero di ko na magawa ulit. Nubayan di na natuto. So I helped a man earn a living today hahaha. 500 yung fixing ng lens plus he offered to have it cleaned for another 100 so go naman ako. AND MY GOD WHY DIDN'T I HAD THAT DONE BEFORE??? Looking through the viewfinder again, kinilig ako sa clarity nung image and made me think, God, I really like photography. Huhu ang ganda. Bought a lens cap from him as well. It was around 6, the time when the sun has set already and the artificial lights on the streets are on, but the sky hasn't lost its blueness yet, so the fruits in the stalls look helluva pretty so I just had to buy some film. Found a 45-peso expired film and I thought it would have to do, PERO AMBOBO KO, when I looked at the display again, 12 EXPOSURES LANG PALA YUNG FILM #!$#safasdfq!@$# HUHU and it's too late; I have already bought and placed the film on camera. :(( Bobo k. Finished the roll immediately tuloy, I felt like I had cheated myself, I'm supposed to have thrice the number of exposures huhu tanggap ko pa sana kung 24 exposures but 12??! 12???!!!! who the hell still sells 12 exposures for 35mm film????????? UGH never na talaga ko papasok sa True Colors Hidalgo (haha as if kasalanan ng store no, tanga ko naman na hindi ko nacheck kung ilang exposures). The lady on the counter did tell me it was expired, sana pati the fact na 12 exposures lang siya sinabi niya na rin. Hmp. Haha bitter oh well NEXT TIME CHECK THE DAMN NUMBER OF EXPOSURES ON THE FILM YOU BUY.

Haay dami ko nang rolls na ipapadevelop. Need to account!

Posted by chronicwind on January 7, 2014 at 09:55 PM | catch a feather
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