Just unfollowed all my friends in Facebook, and now my newsfeed looks so clean. Why didn't I do this before??? I'm still getting some "blahblah commented on a photo" and "blahblah was tagged in a photo" posts; apparently unfollowing people doesn't prevent the newsfeed from showing that they have been tagged or that they have commented on something? Ugh I'm hoping this is just a lag in Facebook's part. I'm telling you, Facebook, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANY POSTS ABOUT, FROM, AND TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY FACEBOOK CONTACTS. That is quite different from how Facebook is supposed to be used, I know, and I should just delete my fb if the feed bothers me so much BUT the messaging function is so useful, so. I lose. I'm staying. 

Posted by chronicwind on February 22, 2014 at 10:22 PM | catch a feather
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