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"Im seeing someone... romantically"

Ansakit ansakit ansakit ansakit ansakit

Triggered ako

Bawling so hard right now

Di ko inexpect :((((((

You can never really, absolutely get over someone ano?

The most you can do is continue living knowing there are pieces of them rooted to your heart

And thats okay. It means you loved

Posted by chronicwind on November 6, 2018 at 02:03 AM | catch a feather

Huyy bojack ano na??? Every episode nalang ba papaiyakin mo ko???

Because im bawling again, aga aga

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Everything is a blur and i need a record for it to be not.

Inspired by IG's @fireandjoy daily journal entry, this is an attempt to write every day, about my thoughts, my words, and my actions, no matter how useless and utterly disappointing, because that is better than not remembering anything at all 

1/7 because 1/365 seems like a huge commitment and so does 1/30... 1/7 that keeps renewing week after week seems more doable and less intense. Aabot kaya ako ng 7/7 tho? Abangan. Or not. Lampake.

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So... I'm probably never going to see him again.

Kalat ng frat niya (well frats in general), and I'm disgusted. 

Cute pa naman siya and he gives the best kisses and cuddles, but oh well.

Should I just let it die down? I'm sure he won't message if I don't message first. So ok lang naman never na ko magmessage ano? 

I think this thing has run its course and I can feel his disinterest na rin naman. Note for next: wag na pag fratman 


I'm beginning to build BE dreams again. It's in the back corner of my mind... we still talk; he opened the possibility again, and I'm letting it linger. I guess his loneliness right now is due to the upcoming winter but. But. should i give this another chance

(yes, 1/7 ulit. try ko panindigan this time)

Posted by chronicwind on November 22, 2018 at 02:34 AM | catch a feather

He is now, at 10,000 kilometers away, browsing the web for a house here, in this country, in the city i want to live in. I know it's still a distant dream but it melts my heart-- that he is willing, and is still thinking of a future with me is making me yearn for him again: of his hugs, his kisses, his actual presence aaah  <3


Nakakastress yung game kanina swear aaaagghhh what an intense fight!!! Congrats UP MBT OMG I CANT BELIEVE NASA FINALS TAYO??? KILIGS MEEE TO THE HIGHEST

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Im so tired i just want time to stop -- for everyone else, but not for me, so i can keep up, but at the same time take as long as i want

Posted by chronicwind on November 30, 2018 at 01:13 AM | catch a feather
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