Weird din ng valentines season ano? The past week alone ive gotten messages from a tinder match i was interested in (but never got the chance to meet -- he's resurrecting daw his matches), a one night stand (who didnt message for 3 weeks, and then nangangamusta ngayong feb), another tinder match (that i went out on a date with last tuesday -- it was good; refreshing din magkaroon ng date na conversations and kain lang, walang physical anything at hindi nauwi sa kama), another one night stand (wanting to meet again and take me to places since may motor na daw sya haha), my pakistani naudlot karat (still messages me from time to time and "will fly a country if he has to"), my fubu-turned-cuddle buddy (asking where i was, and if i wanted to come to him... ako na lagi nagiinitiate ng meet-ups, this week lang yung siya ulit nagyayaya), and now, just this morning, my ex sends me a shirtless photo of himself! In the bathroom! Which i like very much hahaha. So ano lakas makalonely ng valentines anez?? Walang effect sakin tho, ive been alone on valentines my whole life and im just happy for the people who get to celebrate it. Anyhoo andami ko palang options??? Hahaha but really i just want to sleep right now like for one whole week ano ba yaaan self

Posted by chronicwind on February 10, 2019 at 10:42 AM | catch a feather
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