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It turned out that we didn’t have classes last Friday, so yeah, my wish was granted…and I had a pretty long non-productive 5-day vacation. The lazy bum that I am just lounged around the house wasting my frikken pathetic life, doing practically nothing besides breathing and sleeping and eating and blinking and eating and sleeping some more. It’s tiresome, bumming around. And pretty unfulfilling too. It’s one of those things that don’t do you any good but you go ahead and do it anyway. I am such a sloth; the fifth level of hell must be waiting for me anytime now. Oh, and it has taken a toll on my appearance: according to everyone who had had the misfortune of laying their eyes on me, I am getting fatter. But whatever, I’m still pretty sexy…Kidding.

The typhoon has really done it this time. UP had become an obstacle course; fallen trees had blocked one’s way of getting from point A to point B. That was about a week ago; it had been cleaned up by now. Still, I feel for those trees, and those houses, and those people.... curse Milenyo and his 160kph speed. And, because of the decrease in trees, there was an increase in temperature. Proof? My skin has turned from brown to browner in less than a week. Ha.

I just read the two paragraphs above…and I can’t help but notice its dryness, its blahness, its hollowness.  Hell, I’m really uninspired, and it shows. Demmit. Go Anna, focus on the protons and not the electrons, the silvers and not the looskf. I don’t know what that is, either, don’t ask me.

So on to the positive:
It’s almost sembreak – woohoo!

And to the negative:
It’s almost sembreak – woohoo?

Sembreak – well, who doesn’t like breaks? The positive side is that I have lots of time to bum around. The negative side is that I will bum around. AHHH, no, stop it! Kill it! Kill your bumming tendencies! And that is today’s goal; hence, this blog entry…which exercises my fingers and, to a degree, wakes up my hibernating mind (yes, despite the implications in these blog, I do have that piece of meat underneath my skull). Anyway my Kas1 class is over (I hope I get a grade of 1.75 or above) and so is my Table Tennis class (which I got a 1.75…lower than what I expected). Aww, I will surely miss playing table tennis…sad.  The last physics 10 long test is tomorrow, and oh yeah! Studying for it, that’s what I should be doing right now! Haha. Prof Esguerra (who started college in UP when he was only 13 years old…13!!!) loved our long tests so much he hasn’t returned them yet, so thanks a lot, I can’t predict my physics grade. Oh well, I just have to do my best tomorrow, and pray - hard. NatSci1 long test on Monday, a paper for English, the CW10 final draft and the Eng1 finals on Oct.16 (October 16!! Ang tagal pa!) complete my first semester…and I can finally bum around mull over the fact that I survived my first sem in UP. First sem contemplations will be posted next time, or never, whatever. I want to end this in a positive note: I received a “good work” comment on my cw10 first draft, so yeah, I smile…I’m not such a hopeless case after all.

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