Spam, that delectable tinned ham.. oh, you mean the other spam. Okay, sorry my bad!

I have been recently included in one spamlist which I don't know but was coming from
Well, I don't mind since it gets filtered out by Gmail's ye old spam filters but I cannot help but laugh at people continuing to do the never ending cycle of replying to the spam email.

Like this one:

I mean come on, these people replying saying that "please remove me from this list" shouldn't reply and don't instigate other people to reply. It will just be a domino effect of people asking for the same thing. End result, everyone receives an email and everyone gets annoyed at the same time.

And as for people saying they were being interrupted in their work... that's just bullshit. It just means they are not doing anything productive and is procrastinating (and/or just waiting for the emails to arrive). From what i gather of the replies, seeing that most repliers has gmail addresses implies that the source might probably be one of the two leaks my email was included on (there's only two that i and know of).

As I said earlier, spam email of these sort gets captured by Gmail's spam filters and hence they are in the spam folder. I am weirded by the fact that some people still read the contents of their spam emails. Well, I don't and typically delete them all.

Only exception is this continuing thread just for the lulz

Posted by harm.evil.lilac on November 5, 2017 at 07:54 PM | catch a feather
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