#FireMocha, #FireBato, and Impeach Duterte most of all BECAUSE THESE KILLINGS HAVE TO STOP. Asa naman kasing ititigil niya iyang "war on drugs". It's his baby, it's his way, for 20 years, he's not going to drop it. At all. And I feel like he is the Night King na kung mapatalsik sa pwesto, those incompetent pricks he put into power will also disappear -- ok maybe not all BUT IT'S A GODDAMN START

Limang taon pa ba Pilipinas???!!!?!?!?!?

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Huyy bojack ano na??? Every episode nalang ba papaiyakin mo ko???

Because im bawling again, aga aga

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"Im seeing someone... romantically"

Ansakit ansakit ansakit ansakit ansakit

Triggered ako

Bawling so hard right now

Di ko inexpect :((((((

You can never really, absolutely get over someone ano?

The most you can do is continue living knowing there are pieces of them rooted to your heart

And thats okay. It means you loved

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Thoughts during the break of dawn, bursts of sunlight peaking throught the gap in the window curtains, illuminating his silhouette -- backlit side view of his sleeping face, his semi-beard turning gold where the sun hits it... I 'm lying beside him, strumming my fingers on his chesthair :

I know we're just passers-by in each other's lives right now but what if...? what if I stayed...? 

Because I could really get used to this

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I like having choices!

I just hate making them

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