#FireMocha, #FireBato, and Impeach Duterte most of all BECAUSE THESE KILLINGS HAVE TO STOP. Asa naman kasing ititigil niya iyang "war on drugs". It's his baby, it's his way, for 20 years, he's not going to drop it. At all. And I feel like he is the Night King na kung mapatalsik sa pwesto, those incompetent pricks he put into power will also disappear -- ok maybe not all BUT IT'S A GODDAMN START

Limang taon pa ba Pilipinas???!!!?!?!?!?

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may mga times lang bigla: fleeting, minute moments, na mabebewilder ako like, 'who da eff is this guy what am i doing" haha and masasapak ako ng realization na hindi ko naman talaga siya kilala and that he's a stranger, still

alam mo pag sinabi mong paulit-ulit ang isang word it will lose meaning and will become unfamiliar? parang ganun; it's prolly because ive thought a lot about him today and so ang weird


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So ganito pala yung feeling na lagi kang navavalidate ang ganda ang sarap

Also he never does anything that would make me doubt him shet ang galing

Im starting to think i would really move for him, brave cold european weather just to sleep and wake up with him beside me (hindi ko naman talaga kelangan tbh, hes very willing to move here instead pero jusque naman mas maganda naman buhay niya dun) 

Hindi ko pa siya namimeet in real life pero shet universe please let me have this

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Terrified that one day he'll realize i am not worthy of his love

Nooo banish these 3am thoughts!!!

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Find a man who will greet you on International Women's Day

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