#FireMocha, #FireBato, and Impeach Duterte most of all BECAUSE THESE KILLINGS HAVE TO STOP. Asa naman kasing ititigil niya iyang "war on drugs". It's his baby, it's his way, for 20 years, he's not going to drop it. At all. And I feel like he is the Night King na kung mapatalsik sa pwesto, those incompetent pricks he put into power will also disappear -- ok maybe not all BUT IT'S A GODDAMN START

Limang taon pa ba Pilipinas???!!!?!?!?!?

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How to stop caring

Sa mga ginagawa ng mga tao na hindi ko ginagawa

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Naiyak ako sa speech ni Leni. 

WHAT A WOMAN. If theres one thing i will never regret in this lifetime, it's voting her as VP.

kelan ba kasi mamamatay si duts


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The carly rae concert gives me life

im not even scared about it

All i want is real real love

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