He wouldn't fail me; bakit ba ko nagdoubt


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He says "I love you" like it's the most natural thing in the world

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With all these unresolved sexual tension?????? HUHUHU ang hirap bes ready na ko ready na katawan ko pero wala pa yung dapat magresolve nito jusquooo nakakafurstraaaaate paano ba kinakaya ng mga tao ang LDR


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SO ito na, he's actually flying 5500 miles to see me AAAAGHHHH as in nagbook siya ng flight kagabi after our video call that he set up just to see that im an actual living breathing person (very first date jitters din talaga yung naganap okay) 

I CANNOT WAIT ang tagal ng 48 days gais hahaha but also sobrang natatawa ko that it actually came to this point? Hahahaha shet ano ba tong pinasok ko :)) crazy din siya to go through it ano but i guess it takes a bit of crazy talaga to be open for love 

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Its ridiculous how someone so far away can feel so warm

Im liking this and I AM EXCITED

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