Consistent karat is nice and all but... I'm starting to feel empty. 


I'm beginning to talk with others again (messaged my ex, even), and I feel no guilt. Well wala naman talaga dapat since di kami exclusive. I think naggcrave ako now for emotional connection, a connection that I don't feel any right asking for, from him. Because we didn't start out as friends, and parang ang unfair since I'm moving anyway.

A person can be perfect for you on paper, but that doesn't guarantee a connection. This is something I keep learning over and over. 

Haay what to do with all these emptiness

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He helped us move things to our new studio today.

My favorite bit:

Me *indicating the box with all the heavy plates*: Yan, mabigat yan

He lifts it up to his shoulders without any shred of difficulty; says "Talaga?" and gives me the cheekiest smile. 


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I surivive holiday singledom because: 

My happiness for other people's happiness is always greater than my crushing loneliness

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Hmmm i could really like this one.

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Weird din ng casual sex no? Masarap lang while doing it, pero hindi naglilinger yung happiness

Parang wala lang kinabukasan

Very pantawid-loneliness lang

(Or you know, i need to properly date. Wag yung nauuwi sa kama agad)

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