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I'm sick

of myself

I want to crawl out of my skin

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Facebook memories showed me a photo of my friend, in 2013, riding a bike. That time she was newly out of her mission (mormon) and wala pa siyang other ganaps in life. But now, she has a family, a loving husband with his own business, a one-year old child, a home in the province, a good job... I can't help but compare our lives and feel like "bat parang walang nangyayari sa buhay ko???" That photo was 6 years ago and andami na nyang napagdaanan (even a failed engagement!)... Whereas me... i feel like after 4 years at my job im just an okay photographer at best... I still don't have enough savings and i'm still living in my parent's house and...??? anez???? wala pa kong nararating talaga i feel like such a failure

Na-trigger ako because deep down I guess i just want what she has: her own family 

it's self-pity day for me today i hate it

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Sana ano, conspiracy lang yung surveys kung saan mataas ang admin bets para makapante sila, pero pagdating ng elections BOOM! Landslide victory for otso diretso + colmenares + ka leody...



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Look, I just want to snuggle my face against his beard; why must it take 10000 pesos and a torturous wait

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