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Masaya sana magbike at 2am if I wasn't fearing for my life at every turn. Di mo kasi alam sino mga umuuwing lasing at that time, at humaharurot talaga lahat ng sasakyan. Ang saya sana na ang luwag ng kalsada AND I CAN ACTUALLY SMELL FRESH AIR IMAGINE THAT pero hindi ko rin malasap at maenjoy kasi nga nakakatakot. Never again by myself. Not worth it.

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also my feedly is in agreement today

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My nanay at 25: stable job, got married, owned a house

Me at 25: *kroo kroo*

Sorry I'm a failure! I take full responsibility

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Marathoned 10 episodes of how to get away with murder. Started at around 1am, slept at 8am. Netflix is gonna be the death of me 

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What made me smile today: 

Cute person who helped carry my bike down the lrt stairs. This one was already halfway down when he saw me at the top of the stairs beginning to carry my bike, so he went up again and offered to carry the bike. He went ahead;  I swiped my beep card and then I saw him again going to the siomai food cart. I thought of treating him to siomai for carrying my bike (and okay, because he's cute) but I was so afraid of rejection I just went ahead to another flight of stairs, and just as I was about to carry it down, he was suddenly behind me and taking hold of the bike, offering to carry it again. I'm all "thank you" with a legit eye contact when we got down, and that was it. I wanted to bonk myself in the head. Should've flirted with him hahaha why is my flirting game a zero?? Also need to start that bike blog and 'thank you for helping carry my bike' card. May napapala din pala minsan ang hindi paggana ng lrt elevator no? hahaha pero seryoso, yang elevator na yan isang taon nang hindi gumagana. Time for some letter writing

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I've been binge watching brooklyn nine-nine for the past few days and god I HAVE A MASSIVE CRUSH ON ANDY SAMBERG ugh help

Haven't been addicted to a sitcom since The Office. Jake and Amy are my new Jim and Pam the feelz are real

Dreading the day when I've finished watching all the existing eps...what the hell do people do to cope with a six month break??! Ill die 

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CAPTAIN HOLT IS BACK!!! no one knows the depth of delight my heart is experiencing right now :')

Perfect episode

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