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Dear self,

So you're now dating a guy you actually like, and who likes you back, congratulations! He's a good match for you: a family guy, smart, responsible, go-getter, respectful, appreciative, and his hugs and kisses make you melt. And i know you're nervous

- that eventually you'll run out of things to talk about

- that eventually he'll find you boring, or worse, stupid

- that you will screw this up, this perfect match for you, and he set such a high standard you won't find anyone else who can measure up and you will be alone for all eternity

So you start to preemptively sabotage this not-yet-a-relationship by procrastinating seeing him and even thinking about ghosting him!!! (Its a good thing you didn't) 

You need to relax. So what if he's not the one who you will eventually marry? So what if super mas matalino siya sayo and may knowledge gap ka sa mga ibang bagay? You know you're a good friend, caring and giving, and you will bring value to this relationship, so why the hell are you worrying so much? 

And i know you want to be perfect so you're putting all this pressure on yourself but you are just not and will never be so you need to chill and just let your freak flag fly.

Because you cannot hide it anyway and he will find out sooner or later. And i assure you, when he does... he will like it.

Posted by chronicwind on September 22, 2016 at 11:01 PM | catch a feather

It's not going to be perfect

It's not going to be perfect

It's not going to be perfect

Repeat ad infinitum

Posted by chronicwind on September 29, 2016 at 06:02 AM | catch a feather
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