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Dear world, 

I'm sorry im utterly useless

(Self-hatred is at it again)

Posted by chronicwind on October 2, 2017 at 10:59 PM | 1 caught a feather

Im in a trip-of-a-lifetime to Europe, and PMS decides it's the best time to rear its ugly head. I find everyone and everything annoying, myself most of all. Kanina tinanong ako: "what do you want to do today" and inside im all "i want to die.  But like for mga 6 months lang ganun" 

It's like I have only two modes: seething anger or total inconsolable sadness; I actually cried for no reason. In Salzburg! After whats supposed to be a happy Sound of Music tour! Buti nalang malamig at nakatakip yung bottom half of my face with my scarf, absorbing all my quiet tears. Wala tuloy nakahalata. 

Also sa train kanina may tumabi saking hot guy at. Hindi. Ko. Siya. Pinansin. Ang galing galing ko talaga wala ill end up alone with a fluffy cat in a cozy house dito sa paris chost. Sayang yung before sunset fantasy ko nakakainis talaga ko

Haay i guess kung chaka kang tao, chaka ka talaga. Even in Europe.

Posted by chronicwind on October 25, 2017 at 06:27 AM | 4 caught a feather
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