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Naiyak ako sa speech ni Leni. 

WHAT A WOMAN. If theres one thing i will never regret in this lifetime, it's voting her as VP.

kelan ba kasi mamamatay si duts


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How to stop caring

Sa mga ginagawa ng mga tao na hindi ko ginagawa

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They're facebook official today and i... don't know how to feel about it? i mean i am over for sure and don't really care abt him anymore but the feeling of 'losing a competition that does not exist' is very much spot-on. Hindi ako masaya, hindi rin malungkot, neutral lang... but there's this feeling lang talaga of unfairness, na bakit siya meron na at ako wala pa??? though ayun nga, hindi naman competition and i really like being with myself and i don't even want to be with anyone right now so ayown mej annoying lang na may ganitong feelz

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With Great Aplumb: An online directory for all your plumbing needs

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