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Gusto ko sanang binyagan itong blog ko ng isang makabuluhang sanaysay, pero hindi, hindi!! Kailangan kong magdada at magdada tugkol sa pagsilang ng blog ko, kaya pasensya na.

Magsimula tayo sa pamagat: Chronicle of the Wind. Ang pamagat na yan ay bigla nalang pumasok sa utak ko(wow may utak ako) tapos halos kapareho niya ang Chronicle of the Wings (tsubasa reservoir chronicle) kaya iyon ang nagbigay-diwa* sa layout na ito. Bakit naman Chronicle of the Wind? Chronicle dahil ito ay tala ng aking historya, isama mo na dyan ang mga pananaw at repleksyon. Bakit naman Wind? Dahil sa isang malalim na dahilan: magandang pakinggan. haha, joke lang. Ang hangin kasi kung saan saan napupunta...kung saan saan nakararating. Sigurado, sa isang sandali ng buhay mo, nahipo ka nito . Tsaka ito pa: wind - a tendency or force that influences events. Yan ang pinapangarap ko,  makaimpluwensya ng pangyayari - isang positibong pangyayari na ikabubuti ng masa. (ayos! panindigan ang masscom! ahaha. plastik ba? )

Dati ko pang binabalak gumawa ng bagong blog, mula noong pinatay ko ang kaawa-awa kong purplehaven (rest in peace). Pero ayun, dulot ng aking überprocrastination, ngayon lang ito ipinanganak. Gusto kong isipin na huminog* naman ang aking pagsusulat kahit konti, pero mukhang hindi pa rin...kaya eto, nagpapraktis ako.

2.31 na, magandang umaga at paalam.

*magbigay-diwa = inspire. o ha, me natutunan kayo n_n
*nag-mature. peste, kailangan pang tignan sa ol eng-tag dictio.
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Well, not really.

I woke up at 7am…7am!, still drowsy but excited for my first “official” day of classes in college. Oo, kolehiyala na ang walangya! Although my plan was to leave before 7:45 (7:50 at the latest), I left home at 8, due to unnecessary self- pampering and underrating the traffic. The result? Being 25 minutes tardy for my first class in my first day of college life. Crappy, especially since one of my new school year resolutions was not to be late. Haha, who was I kidding? That would be virtually impossible. 

First class was Nat Sci 1, which was supposed to be at a room in NIGS but got transferred to the College of Science auditorium, which I suppose was due to the large turnout of students (more than half of the seats were occupied.) Good thing the professor didn’t care who was late or not (very different from high school) and I was told he didn’t even check the attendance. Whew. The lesson was ok, albeit a little boring. Sosyal nga eh, nakapowerpoint pa. You really have to bid farewell to all those manila paper and cartolina, and wave hello to laptops and projectors. Fortunately, the professor dismissed us earlier than I expected, so I had a lot of time to proceed to my PE class: table tennis. The gym is quite far from the CS, so on the next meetings I have to hustle and bustle to make it in class on time. Bawal ang pagong.

The table tennis teacher was late, so it was a good thing I found someone to chat with while waiting (I met her while in the line to get my “fit to enroll” certification). At 10:10, the teacher showed up. I was geared up for a couple of table tennis whacks, but I was disappointed to learn that we wouldn’t be playing today. The teacher just introduced himself, checked attendance, entertained the students asking for the teacher’s prerog, described the pe uniform (jogging pants, rubber shoes, predominantly white shirt), told us that we wouldn’t be meeting on Monday (so more free time for me!), stated that we have to bring a 40mm orange table tennis ball on the next meeting, and dismissed us, 30 minutes early. Great.

Deciding what to do with my two-and-a-half hour break, I walked around, trusting my feet to go wherever they want to. And it lead me to the betaway (nature lovers, this is your path!), past the lagoon (lover’s nest daw) and out to CAL. Then I decided to go to the shopping center to satisfy my stomach’s demands. I bought taho, and decided to surf the net for about half an hour (oo, hindi na ako nasawa. Tsaka pang-asar, may klase na lahat, walang online!) I found that I wasn’t really hungry, so after browsing the web I proceeded to National Institute of Physics (NIP) a quite isolated structure located near the Math  building. Luckily, a senior (angela’s her name) which turned out to be my Physics 10 classmate befriended me and we walked towards the building together. Along with others, we were 30 minutes early for the class (see? I can be early!).

Physics 10 is my favorite class so far. Makwento kasi yung guro at ang ganda ng mga binibigay niyang halimbawa, marami talaga akong natutunan. The teacher introduced himself, gave his various numbers and email addresses (may balak atang magkaroon ng textmate or email pal). We discussed the course; and like Nat Sci 1, the lesson was powerpoint-presented. We were much fewer than the Nat Sci clas, though. Three K4 blockmates were my phy10 classmates too, and we headed out together. Bia gave Kim and I a ride to AS (thanks!).

I saw some MSHS people (even if they didn't see me, haha) and lots of K4  blockmates during the day. I even saw Jodi, my friend when i was still little. So even if UPD is a a 493-hectare lot, it's still small enough to bump into familiar faces (thank God!).

Now I have to sleep (parents are nagging, it is 1am), and wake up tomorrow at the ungodly hour of…5:30. Good luck to me. Why oh why did I friggin’ choose a 7am class? Makikipagsabayan pa ako sa trapik sa Ateneo. Such joy. I give myelf a whooping hour of travel time. Must not underestimate traffic again.

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Ahhh. Second day.

Heard the cp alarm clock ring at quarter to six, pressed the snooze button, slept a bit, woke up and almost threw the ringing alarm phone, freshened up, left at 6.25, hopped on to Tatay’s motorcycle, dropped Kulas off at Burgundy Place, and braved the early morning Katipunan traffic.

And was it scary.

Maneuvering around hundreds of well-groomed cars and vans and jeep and other vehicles and squeezing through narrow gaps using a bulky motorcycle with your daughter’s safety in your hands is no cheap trick, but I’m glad my Tatay was able to pull it. ^_^ I didn’t make it in time for my Kas 1 class (10 mins late!) but it’s a good thing I opted to ride on the motorbike rather than take the jeepney, which would take me a longer time to get to school.

I did a french arrival (lol) and plopped down on the nearest seat. The person beside me took pity and told me what I missed. Groupings. Ugh. Together with my fellow latecomer, I approached the teacher and he asked the class who would be willing to “adopt” us into their group. Fortunately, I saw a girl raising her hand (yes!) and realized that she was my blockmate. Yippee.  Now I have a group, and a blockmate-classmate to boot. ^_^

We will be having reportings/presentations, the prof will not meet us next meeting, but it will be dedicated to a group meet, which basically means that I can have an early break (hindi naman siguro isa’t kalahating oras ang pagpaplano namin sa kung anong gagawin diba?) Ang masaya dito sa Kas 1, hindi lang kami sa loob ng classroom na iyon, kasi yung iba daw na reports gagawin sa auditorium, sa may lagoon, etc. Tapos lagi pang may magpapakain na group! Ayos diba?

Haaay, bukas ko nalang itutuloy to, antok na ko eh -_- . Ewan ko ba, bigla nalang naging tagalog.

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Ok, so I watched Il Mare, and it was beautiful, although nakakdistort ng logic. Biro mo, yung girl from the future and yung boy from the past (depends on your time frame) tapos nagcocorrespond sila through the "magical" mailbox. Sorry nga pala kung nagco-code switch ako ah. Tinatamad na rin akong magsummarize, ang dami na namang nakasulat dyan sa net eh. Click mo nalang ito, para hindi ka na mahirapan.
Wala lang. Ang lungkot na sana eh, kaya lang nabuhay pa yung guy, lalo tuloy gumulo. Sana nga namatay nalang siya, hindi naman sa sadista ako...pero parang mas fitting. Tsaka sana siniksik nalang niya sarili niya sa mailbox, para pagbukas ng girl bigla siyang magpo-pop out na parang jack in the box at pwede na silang magsama. pero hindi nangyayari yun eh. sa cartoons pwede pa. hehe. This movie gives a whole new meaning to the saying love knows no bounds.
Kakaiba talaga gumawa ng love films ang koreano ano? Pansin mo, yung My Sassy Girl, Windstruck at Il Mare wala man lang kissing sin este scene. Not that naghahanap ako ng ganung scene. It's just that naging trademark na ng mga romantic films ang kissing scenes, kaya refreshing na walang ganun ang mga ito but they can still make your hearts flutter. aww, soo mushy.
Pinanood ko rin kanina yung Pretty Woman, and Richard Gere is überly charming while Julia Roberts is stunningly gorgeous. I dig Vivian's (Julia Roberts) no-nonsense character, she's very intriguing indeed. No wonder Edward (Richard Gere) looks at her that way - with amusement, respect and love evident in the twinkle in his eyes.
And I'm getting to be such a sap. Oh well. Gotta snore. 
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