Ahhh. Second day.

Heard the cp alarm clock ring at quarter to six, pressed the snooze button, slept a bit, woke up and almost threw the ringing alarm phone, freshened up, left at 6.25, hopped on to Tatay’s motorcycle, dropped Kulas off at Burgundy Place, and braved the early morning Katipunan traffic.

And was it scary.

Maneuvering around hundreds of well-groomed cars and vans and jeep and other vehicles and squeezing through narrow gaps using a bulky motorcycle with your daughter’s safety in your hands is no cheap trick, but I’m glad my Tatay was able to pull it. ^_^ I didn’t make it in time for my Kas 1 class (10 mins late!) but it’s a good thing I opted to ride on the motorbike rather than take the jeepney, which would take me a longer time to get to school.

I did a french arrival (lol) and plopped down on the nearest seat. The person beside me took pity and told me what I missed. Groupings. Ugh. Together with my fellow latecomer, I approached the teacher and he asked the class who would be willing to “adopt” us into their group. Fortunately, I saw a girl raising her hand (yes!) and realized that she was my blockmate. Yippee.  Now I have a group, and a blockmate-classmate to boot. ^_^

We will be having reportings/presentations, the prof will not meet us next meeting, but it will be dedicated to a group meet, which basically means that I can have an early break (hindi naman siguro isa’t kalahating oras ang pagpaplano namin sa kung anong gagawin diba?) Ang masaya dito sa Kas 1, hindi lang kami sa loob ng classroom na iyon, kasi yung iba daw na reports gagawin sa auditorium, sa may lagoon, etc. Tapos lagi pang may magpapakain na group! Ayos diba?

Haaay, bukas ko nalang itutuloy to, antok na ko eh -_- . Ewan ko ba, bigla nalang naging tagalog.

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Posted by chronicwind on June 17, 2006 at 12:42 AM | catch a feather
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