*Gasp!* Yes, I actually updated. And of course I have to, because it's the FIRST DAY OF JANUARY! So, if the superstition's true, then I will be blogging for the rest of the year. Which means whoopee.

If there's an evening I both dread and anticipate, it's New Year's Eve. I mean come on, with all those firecrackers you'd think world war III is happening right in front of your gate, and who wants that? I tell you, firecrackers are scary. So, being a wuss, I curse and confine myself to my room everytime the whole Philippines go on fucking firecracker frenzy. (just trying a little alliteration.). But you know what? I'm sensing this year is going to be totally different - good different. Thanks to my brother dragging my terrified butt upstairs to our roofdeck, I witnessed an array of fireworks that is totally movie-worthy that I conquered my fear of its evil brothers: sinturon ni hudas and those other deafening firecrackers that has nothing visually pleasing to offer. I still get a jolt of fear everytime I hear a loud quitis but I can now stand it without wanting to strangle the person who fired it. The point is, even if it meant that firecrackers will be flying and exploding above me, I went out and up during New Year's Eve, which I deem is my first accomplishment in the year o7. I take it as a sign that I am going to face this year with confidence (yeah, right. :-D ).

This day was a great year-starter. We had pasta and chicken for lunch, with scrumptious, home-made cookies and cream ref cake for dessert. My family and I bonded while playing darts, which I, unfortunately, suck at. Apparently, aiming isn't my thing. Balak ko pa naman sanang mag-ala ninja Misao - yung tipong limang 'kunai' ang hawak sa isang kamay tapos itatapon lang nang parang walang ka-effort effort at matatamaan ang bullseye. Haha, asa. Sana lang makarating ako sa lebel na yun diba. Kelangan nang ipunin ang chakra! :D

Before I sign off, (aba, balik ingles) I want to give a tribute to the year that was, 2006. It had been a great year; a time of many firsts. It was the year when:

- passed college entrance exams :D
- went through the whole investigatory project thing (whew. haha)
- received an award (unexpectedly XD).
- graduated from high school!
- survived college enrollment (which, thankfully wasn't that much of a hassle)
- met a lot of new people!
- created this blog!
- owned a decent cellphone
- watched live uaap games
- camwhored, a lot.
- had my very own room.
- messed up said room, and then:
- straightened up and decorated said room
- discovered dvd haven Quiapo
- discovered good television shows (hello, OTH S1, VMars, Desperate Housewives etc.)
- turned seventeen!
- watched Parokya ni Edgar UP CLOSE!
- had a noticeable haircut
- discovered that oftentimes, the manga is better than the anime
- had a craving for cello's cheese donuts
- got fatter!
- discovered sudoku
- striked at bowling
- went to a debut (hi, jasmine!)
- watched a meteor shower
- created a gigantic jackstone which i
- paraded in the lantern parade
- hosted a movie marathon
- laughed and cried
- learned and lived. (obscure much? hehe.)

Syempre, marami pa yan. at oo, boring talaga life ko. kaya saka nalang ulit :D Sana ang 2007 marami ring firsts (first time i fall in love may or may not be included...haha). So farewell, 2006. I'll miss you. Cheers to 2007! Happy New Year!
Posted by chronicwind on January 1, 2007 at 11:58 PM | catch a feather
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