Before this year ends i'm going to own:

a) a portable dvd player.
b) a graphics tablet. wacom, preferably.
c) a digital slr camera.
d) a creative zen nano / muvo, 1 gig or more.
e) a life.

and to get all of this i need to:

a) work
b) work
c) work
d) work
e) work?

at ano naman kayang work ang gagawin ko...
o kaya sana manalo akong contest, please. haha di pa nga ako sumasali eh.

but really, i need work. kamon, 18 ka na.
haaaay asa pa ako diba. but NO! do not discourage self! haha.

i need to learn how to drive. bugsh. go go go! punta na sa lto!

good luck nalang sakin.
Posted by chronicwind on August 25, 2007 at 09:40 AM | catch a feather
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