.. it's the 'season of love' once more. haha whatever. i just hope that i survive this month :)

i hope ALL our activities would be successful. Still, i can't help but feel dread; there's a truckoad of things to do and deadlines are looming menacingly.. but at least somehow, there's a part of me (a teeny, tiny part) that is anticipating something: the day of hearts. haha. dream on beaaaa. wag nang umasa.

i'm looking forward to the february13 fireworks though! :D feeling ko may heart-shaped fireworks, haha. but i'm looking forward more to watching the fireworks with my beloved friends. :D

advancedhappy valentines! :D sa mga bitter, wag na maging bitter! enjoy life. there's LOTS of things to enjoy. haha kung makapagshift naman ako ng mood diba :)) I really surprise myself sometimes. which is good, since i love surprises. haha. also. sana makuha ako sa trabaho.. haay. sana open pa sila :s

i love life!!! -> just to cheer myself up. haha. optimism works.

Posted by chronicwind on February 1, 2009 at 08:41 PM | catch a feather
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