Shouldn't we praise someone (im thinking about the wangwang issue) because he is doing his job EXCELLENTLY and not just because he is merely doing his job?

KAMON. E hindi naman pala talaga pwede yang mga wangwang na yan tapos we act like noynoy's some messiah to banish those wangwangs na hindi naman talaga dapat nageexist in the first place. So hello police, san kayo nagtatago alam nyo ba in the first place kung sino lang dapat gumamit ng mga wangwang. Because to tell the truth, i didn't know either; i thought government officials were allowed to use them (officials higher than mayors). it's just a simple rule to follow: only the President, Vice President, Senate president, House Speaker, and Chief Justice* are allowed to use vehicles attached with sirens, bells, horns, whistles and similar gadgets that emit exceptionally loud or startling sounds, including dome lights and other similar signaling or flashing devices attached to motor vehicles and only motor vehicles designated for the use of the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines, National Bureau of Investigation, Land Transportation Office, Bureau of Fire Protection, and hospital ambulances can be fitted with sirens, bells, horns or similar gadgets. (presidential decree no. 96). Why is this being so hard ohmyshit what a culture.

We really have this normalcy that those in government don't do their jobs, therefore when they actually do WE PRAISE THEM TO HIGH HEAVENS when it should just be the status quo. And their rewards should be, not individual recognition (example, a newspaper columnist lauding his efforts) but the status of the nation per se (as evidenced by rate of progression, merong global comparison things na ginagawa right, parang yung human index thing ohmyshit im bangag) I mean ayun nga, yung manifestation nun ay mas progressive tayo or at least kalevel ng ating mga katabing bansa. 

It's great though, that the wangwang thing has been brought to attention pero hindi ba tayo pwedeng magmove-on na from that? Bilang naestablish naman na ang guidelines, implementation nalang talaga. Sana hindi fad lang ang pagtanggal nung mga unnecessary sirens. Keep on reporting those unnecessary wang wangs, yes. Keep on those catching those who are not allowed to have wangwangs, yes. But please, tama na ang focus dito. Hacienda Luisita naman!


*galing dito: Hindi ko mahanap kung saan sa consti nakalagay. pakienlighten naman ako please.

Posted by chronicwind on July 11, 2010 at 03:41 AM | catch a feather
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