first time driving alone was yesterday. adventure woohoo! got to my destination whole, amidst many bobo moments like: stopping at the pedestrian lane (traffic light turned red before I could cross); trying to get into a no-entry street, a couple of wrong turns (I was supposed to be following the jeep, but I got lost), engine stops (and causing traffic like that). I'm just glad I arrived safely and nailed the parking HAHA.  arrived back at home alive - way home was much more peaceful than the previous night. yeee and im so happy for the support of ze pigz. 

Today I drove my tatay and my brother to CCP. Or almost there. I stopped near Quiapo, because as I was going up the ramp, it was traffic, at hindi ko matimpla ng matino yung clutch at gas. bumped the car at my rear slightly :o Haha. first bunggo ko yun ever. Tapos bonggang binubusinahan na ko, so nagpalit na kami ni tatay :(

I drove the whole way back. accomplishment! mga dalawang beses lang ako namatayan ng makina hahaha. better engine than lives! I feel proud. It's MANILA HELLYES. ang problema ko talaga yung hanging and u-turns ng slight. so no parental approval for me to drive other non-driving people boooo. Owell I'll get that soon enough! di ko pa deserve right now.

THE INDEPENDENCE IS OVERWHELMING HAHA. THREE YEARS WHY DID I LET IT STRETCH OUT LIKE THAT?! Grabe ang nagagawa ng procrastination :( I could've been driving to quezon right now whut. I'm loving driving, better enjoy these moments before it becomes a chore.

Posted by chronicwind on October 17, 2010 at 09:40 PM | catch a feather
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