decided to manifeset itself today. drive to ultra: bumped a car and created a dent in it, got held up for color-coding, got lost trying to find our way, toomuchtraffic- 1hour for a meager stretch of road, parked far from the destination. Drive home: walked around, lost our way (came back where we started), wrong lane - ended up on the elevated u-turn, and just when I was all calm and shit like nothing can go wrong any more, I got held up for violating a red light signal (na hindi naman pala talaga dapat!). Fudge this. Inward panic manifested on the outside, scared my passengers i think. :)) It's good that they counteracted my BV and are in full support. Thank God for friends, and loose change in the car. Thank God for us arriving home safely. Bukas pagtatawanan ko nalang lahat ng ito.

-until the bill from the dent comes. I hope it doesn't. Please Kuyang eye candy kalimutan mo nalang. Haha. Owell have to be Responsible. AND BE MORE CAREFUL NEXT TIME! also, be calm, because there may not be a next time anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Posted by chronicwind on October 27, 2010 at 06:02 PM | catch a feather
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