Mourning for the victims of the recent Edsa bus bombing. Kelan kaya matatapos itong Muslim issues at terrorist attacks? Bakit hindi parin nareresolve? Paano ba mareresolve? Anyway, for a while naremind ako ng dangers of commuting. You never really know. Sabi nga ni Moody, Constant Vigilance.

Haay ano ba to.

Also, the gunning of broadcaster Gerardo Ortega pains me. Why must the good people go. This is a man who advocates Palawan ecotourism, which is being hindered by mining in the province. Ansakit sa pusong malamang ganun ganun lang mina-mine ang palawan. It has 17 KBAs! Shet pag nasira ang palawan dedz na tayong lahat.

Kulang talaga ng Respect sa bansang to. Respect for other people. Respect for the environment. Respect for beliefs and principles not in line with yours. Respect needs to happen a lot more, please. How?



Posted by chronicwind on January 26, 2011 at 08:53 PM | catch a feather
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