I'm glad I found out about the movement to improve Philippine airports, after this article affected me. Last time I was at Naia I was so excited to go to Hong Kong that I didn't care if I pass through hell - I'm going to Hong Kong! was all that mattered. And the way back, I was so hung-up on that clean, train-station-laden country that I didn't pay attention to the airport. Next week I will have first-hand experience again in one of the worst airports in the world. This time I would keep my eyes open and note all the negatives, as well as the positives.

The facebook page was an informative read, though some comments bothered me: 

"Thank you for the initiative, and I must add, we should hire, competent, professional and polite people sa airport. May mga OFWs na siguro first time lang lumipad e sinisigawan ng immigration assistants *yung nag aayos ng pila sa immigration sa bulok na NAIA 1* na parang kala mo kung sino, sinasabihan pa ng tanga yung tao. ... Nakakahiya din sa mga foreigners who were able to witness such cruelty and unprofessionalism from an airport staff."

"...in Sampaguita Lounge of NAIA 1, The place was not condusive for resting ( the old chairs, TV set with bad reception...) , the bathroom and the food they served - I dont know !@#* . Considering that there were so many foreigners during that time. "

Bakit may sentiments na nakakahiya lang sa foreigners, na makakita ng cruelty and unproffesionalism? Hindi ba nakakahiya - at nakakagalit - para sa lahat yun? Bakit kailangan iconsider na maraming foreigners?? Don't we all deserve a rest-conducive airport with good bathrooms, me foreigners man o wala? Nakakainis na nakakalungkot!

Anyway, reading through the other comments I realized that we lack integration in infrastructures.  There's no commute-friendly way to go to the airport from here, except via cab, which is so expensive. Trains are not connected, making one sweaty and feeling dirty just walking from one line to another. Kahit UP enrollment nga e, one has to go to different offices just to finish the process. 


If there are infrastructures I would advocate to death it's parks and trains and bike lanes and wide pavements and - hahaha I could go on and on, but yeah it's mostly parks and trains. Better transportation system please! It took a trip to HK, my transport haven, to realize how severely inefficient our public transportation system is. And back then I used to be proud of our colorful jeepneys. Marketing! Tsk. Jeeps are a major pollutant and inconvenient as hell - they would suddenly stop or swerve without warning. A nightmare! If we're going to be living with these vehicles, they might as well be electronic (or better yet, solar-powered). We also need good drivers, and designated stops, and of course, people who actually follow them.

I'm so excited to go out of town, and the unnecessary steps in the two-hour check-in procedure and the terminal fee irks me but I hope that these movement reach the desired people and they get to do something about it. Leaders step up, do your job!


Posted by chronicwind on January 29, 2011 at 03:16 AM | catch a feather
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