First off, I would like to say: Thankk you God for my parents! They watched it with me, and was as hooked as I was. They even had a longer hangover hahaha. :D We even watched some bits of the TAC, for more comparison, and because we missed its excellence (namely, Michael Ball as Marius!). We were unanimous in thinking that the TAC version is way better. More powerful, more sincere, more - touching. We even spent a good two hours singing along "Do you hear the people sing" and "One Day more".

The main beef I (and I assume, most people) have in this 25th anniv concert is Nick Jonas as Marius. WHY???? I don't think he deserves to be there. And that much is evident when Michael Ball himself sang "One day more" on the encore. So strong, and so much emotion. Walang sinabi si Nick. And it doesn't help that he's employing the Robert Pattinson school of acting - broody and pained. I don't even remember seeing him smile once. And he is supposed to be in love! Plus parang barado ilong niya. Huhu naaawa nalang ako sa kanya. Madami ka pang kakaining bigas iho. Pero yun nga, sana mas lumaki ang interest sa broadway ng mga young ones :D

Oh well. As for the other characters:

Javert is impressive. My expectations for this character, as he is my favorite, is very high; it's really hard to surpass - and even level with - Philip Quast. But this Javert did not disappoint. His was also a standout performance.

Jean Valjean - to talky, less singing sometimes. That was my problem with Colm Wilkinson when I first watched the TAC, but he has grown on me, and I love his Jean Valjean. This 25th anniv Valjean is more problematic, but he is worthy enough. 

Fantine - Lea Salonga. She's perfect. Crystal Clear voice, at parang hindi siya tumanda since TAC. Tumaba lang, but beautiful nonetheless. 

Cosette - The perfect grown-up cosette dun sa little Cosette. Sweet, sweet operatic voice. Clear naman and stuff. Kawawa nga lang si Marius minsan parang naooverpower niya.

Enjolras - Powerful singer too, pero kulang sa gestures. Or baka nasanay lang ako kay TAC enjolras - Michael Maguire - na super crush ko at grabe lang ang pagpapakita ng convictions niya - ang raising ng fist, etc. tas ang ganda ng emotions niya sa mukha. Kita mo yung galit, yung willpower, yung desire. Strong. Strong din naman si 25th anniv Enjolras pero yun nga, medyo kulang pa.

Thernardiers - So happy na si Mrs Ternardier ay nagbabalik. Exceptional as always. And funny. Lagi akong nakangiti tuwing lumalabas siya. How she makes such a character so likable is a testament to her genius. Haha genius talaga no. Pati yung Mr. Thernardier sa TAc. Yung Thernardier dito OK naman, though parang.. masyadong overdone? I mean parang ang conscious nung performance, can't really explain. Mas magaling parin yung original, parang natural lang. Hahaha or biased lang ba talaga ako.

Gavroche - Not as cute as the one in TAC, but naughty enough.

Little Cosette - Napakasweet looking niya, and her face matches her sweet, sweet voice. Parang gusto mo siyang alagaan talaga at gawing doll. haha. 

The production itself - wow. The lights are amazing and hi-tech! Parang Transformers. And the 02 arena's size is incredible. How I want to be part of the audience! I'll probably bawl my eyes off..

The orchestra is amazing as usual, aaand the extra encore and finales made me shiver. ANG GALING. Lalo na nung kumanta yung original Master of the House, Colm Wilkinson and of course Michael Ball. Mas naappreciate ko siya ngayong napanood ko si Mr. Jonas. We were applausing in the comforts of the study area. Grabe nakakatuwa!!! Very fitting din yung finale na "Do you hear the people sing" na student production/theatre version. I love it, sila nga naman ang future ng Les Miserables. Hope they would be as passionate as the past actors and actresses, if not more. Go Les Mis! At ikamamatay ko talaga pag nagkaroon ng Philippine production ng Les Miserables. Please please please sana meron? Huhu. Tutulong pa ko magtranslate e. :D We have lots of wonderful singers! Kaya ito. Bago ako mamatay I'll see to it na may Tagalog Les Mis. Deal, self? Deal.



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