Well, all in all I hate that phrase cause I cannot tell whether the other
person is being friendly or unfriendly. But when someone tells me they are
going to see me off, I may be a little crazy but, in my mind, I hear
something like: "I'll see you fuck off!". Hey, if someone is going
to see me off they don't need to tell me. Grrr...... it makes me
feel like saying: "I'll see YOU off, with emphasis on the word OFF!".

Sorry people, I have a big problem with this expression. God forbid I
ever hear it again!

Why couldn't anyone invent some words like "I'll see you out"
"I'll see you through" or simpler, "I'll see you going", or
"I'll see that you make it too the exit" or something.

Sorry, but the word off is not that common, and the only other
expression it reminds me of is "fuck off". Hence I hate it.

Say "I'll SEE you OFF" to me and I'll say:
"I don't want to see you ever again!"


Can't you tell whether an "off" is friendly or hostile by the circumstances
and the expression in the speaker's voice and face? "I'll see you off" is
almost always a friendly promise to be at the airport or rail station when
one's friend or relative is leaving for a holiday or a new experience such
as going to college. It's not the same as just taking the person to the
point of departure: it's a promise to stay with them until the last possible
moment and wave them goodbye.

Having said that, I've also remembered a slightly different nasty use in
British English: "to cheat or defraud". If some salesman persuades you to
pay a high price for something you later realise you could have bought for
much less, he has "seen you off".

But you must cure yourself of the belief that "off" usually has a nasty
sense. Knitters cast off their work as they complete their woolly hat,
people start off on the journey of a lifetime, after a nice warm drink you
may drop off to sleep in your armchair, and I'm sure there are many other
examples. The "off" in "fuck off" or "piss off" just means "away" - it's the
other word that creates the offence you feel. "Off" is neutral.

Alan Jones


Who is this guy? I love this guy. Hahaha I wish ganito ako kaclear sa mga essays ko. :))

Posted by chronicwind on February 8, 2012 at 10:09 PM | catch a feather
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