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Sent in the application. Here's to hoping for the best.
I really, really want this.

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I should calm the fuck down. A fifteen-minute meditation is in order, alright.
I'm just... so happy that I finally sent in that application, and I am anxious for the reply.
Here goes nothing.
Here goes everything.

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Why am I so distracted by things I am not doing?

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Where did I go wrong

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Sometimes we just aren't better than who we think we are.

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Soooo I guess I'm going! :D :D HAPPYYYYYY

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so my alarm just alarmed

12 hours late

good job bea

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I'm not as good a person as I should be, and it kills me.

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Ok, this hashtag made me guffaw.


Costar Wars
You've Got Blackmail

She's Not The Man #AddaWordRuinaMovie

#AddaWordRuinaMovie Lord of the Onion Rings: The Return of the Burger King

There Will Not Be Blood #addawordruinamovie

Pretty ugly woman #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Saving Private Ryan's Private #AddaWordRuinaMovie

#AddaWordRuinaMovie Forgetting Sarah Marshall Died.

Friends With Unemployment Benefits

renee. ‏@ItsReneeAllen 5m
Harry potter and the kidney stone #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Tim Andrews ‏@timandrews19 6m
Schindler's grocery list. #AddaWordRuinaMovie

RayGorman ‏@RayGorman 7m
Shawshank Coupon Redemption #AddaWordRuinaMovie

@Bergvandenpim Saving Private Ryan Gosling #addawordruinamovie

David Duffy ‏@D_Duffer 10m
Superman returns underpants #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Julie Threlkeld™ ‏@juliethrelkeld 11m
The King's Slurred Speech #addawordruinamovie

Christine Pechera ‏@christinepeach 11m
Fight Club Sandwich #addawordruinamovie

Pfeifer ‏@fbonacci 11m
Annie's Hall Pass #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Sarah Ivell ‏@sarahivell8 13m
#AddaWordRuinaMovie High School Musical Chairs

Cersei the Fair ‏@NiceQueenCersei 3h
#AddaWordRuinaMovie The Return of The King Joffrey

Dan Slott ‏@DanSlott 5h
The Tax Return of The Jedi #AddaWordRuinaMovie

88 Cʜinito ‏@Jayare13 5h
LeBron James and the giant peach

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3 things:

My computer, and everything that's needed in storing and editing images.

A bed

Printed photographs that I can tack on the wall.

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Ok I really don't want to do all the work.

I want to inspire people enough that they do the work I want done. More sustainable that way.

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Home-cooked paksiw na bangus. THIS IS GODDAMN YUMMY

A clean house

The one who made all of the above possible (no, not God, I don't believe in that. Anymore.)

Thanks, Tita.

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Confession: I told you you suck, but what I really meant was I suck.

I am sorry.


Why can't this weekend be next weekend instead..

Posted by chronicwind on October 8, 2013 at 11:57 PM | catch a feather

Booked. :D
Panindigan na hahahaha

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CONCENTRATE. Just fucking concentrate.

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Whew umabot ako sa 4-hour time limit what a rush.

my heart is still pounding. 

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Minsan talaga I feel pretty. This is one of those times.

Dancing to Ironic

Posted by chronicwind on October 13, 2013 at 03:10 AM | catch a feather

so i am not going.

today, anyway

i suck at life

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Grieving for all the fun I could've had.  Grieving for the money I cannot get back. Grieving for the memories I could've created.

It is no use.

I shall eat cake.

Posted by chronicwind on October 14, 2013 at 11:02 AM | catch a feather

God I hate flourescent lights.

Messed up my footage, ang bobs ko rin kasi.

I should prolly not use them all O_o

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Parang ansakit ng ulo ko from underuse. WTH

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After days of wishing that I were someplace else,  those little meetings made me damn glad that I was here, instead of there. High five, self. That took some guts.

I'm a giddy little bunny :>

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Ok, today I learned:


needs more practice but there's def a whistle, alright!

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I'm tired of being a flaky friend, an undependable worker, and a quite useless family member. I want to be known, and remembered, as a Do It person.

Conscentiousness - I should develop this.

How? Steps steps steps

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It had been six years.

I do hope you are well. :)

Posted by chronicwind on October 22, 2013 at 11:45 AM | catch a feather

It's a beautiful day, and I'm gonna make the most of it.

Hi, life! Ready for you :)

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Finally!! Nagawa ko na rin ang gusto kong gawin sayo!!! :D :D 

Okay this is me talking to Adobe 

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Whenever you feel crappy, go find someone and DO SOMETHING SUPER NICE FOR THEM. Yung tipong may ginagawa lang silang something, minding their own business, and then you come up and offer your help or compliment them sincerely or engage in some conversation that you'll both feel more connected to each other. You'll be happy, and they'll most probably be more happy. Everybody wins.

Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving. :>

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Im writing this in my newly-availd cloudpad. I got  marketed hahaha. It's bundled witha cloudfone smartphone so I guess sulit narin. I like the phone except when Im freaking typing on it. hirap magtext pero what did i expect? Buti nalng free tong mga to with the plan, otherwise I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Why are smartphones so dumb at being phones? Shitty controls.

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Fun daytrip to Subic, but what bums me is that the battery of my film camera died and I only realized what was wrong about 28 shots in. What is bobo. So I might have 20+ super overexposed photos good lord. Antanga, Ektar pa naman gamit ko, sana nung Superia Xtra 400 nalang para hindi naman masakit sa bulsa pls. HAHAHOHO whatever na nga, still excited to have it developed. Oh and hindi parin talaga naload ng maayos yung film dun sa underwater camera, so I wasn't able to take any shots with it AT ALL. LERLER BOBO. I think yung film yung ayaw umurong nang maayos, pinalitan ko na yung film sa camera and hopefully ok siya. Nalulungkot lang ako nambonggz because of all the pictures I thought I took :(( Saw damselfishes, triggerfishes, a few butterflies and some silvery thing I cannot identify, but they were numerous. Feeling ko pa naman nun andami kong magagandang shots but waley. Ohwellpapel.

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After a year of not driving, I'm glad to note that I can still take the wheel aka hindi ako namatayan at all. Woohoo! Fixed my bike's brakes (cost less than expected, levers and cables lang kelangang palitan), paid Meralco bill, and got my films in SM Masinag. I'm a happy bunnehh. Ansaya saya na ibrake ng bike ko why the hell didn't I have it changed way before? HAHA owell papel. Hassle-free ride, buti nalang may bike lane sa Marcos Ave. Here's today's bike log. 8.5km.  And oh I love the new functionality of google maps! Pwede nang 3 or more routes ang ilagay for get directions. Yayyy

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Oh the smell of freshly laundered clothes! <3

Fun dinner with friends tonight at Maginhawa. So glad to see them again :) 

Bike log. 13.1km? seryoso? tapos kanina 8.5 lang yun? E parang mas malayo pa nambonggz yung binike ko kanina a. Owell will recheck pag di na ko masyadong antok :))

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Survived biking in C5 today. Scary shit @_@ mahirap talaga makasabayan ang trucks and fast cars but a wide road is better than a narrow one (I'm looking at you, white plains!)

Today's bike log. 21.1 km

Whew, ang struggle mag google map. Routes do not cooperate! Sana pwede ko nalang iplot yung points na parang nagddrawing using pen tool. Sana meron ding function ang google maps na nagsasabing, subdivision to! Or wait, color coordinated naman ata? Took some time to plan my route tapos ang plan pala ay dadaan sa subdivision at walang labasan dun @_@ well feel ko naman meron talaga ayaw lang ako papasukin. So hindi ko naiwasan ang EDSA. Lerks. Pero ang pinakalerks parin talaga ay White plains to katipunan. That stretch of road. Walang sidewalk na matinoo (dirediretso) at super siksikan yung mga cars, wala masyado space bet cars and gutter so nahihirapan ako sumingit lalo na't di pa ko confident sa aking singit skills and super takot ako ma-door. Ang pinakahate ko parin pala talaga ay motorcycles huhu bigla bigla nalang sumusulpot AND JEEPNEYS GRABE ANG POLUSYON. Sana talaga maabolish na ang lahat ng ganung jeeps at mapalitan na ng ejeepneys.

Shangri-la is not bike friendly. Wala siyang bike racks AT ALL at para mapark yung bike kelangan mo magbayad ng 40. WTF kotse?? I AM DISAPPOINT, SHANGRI LA MALL! Kaya nga ako nagbike para rin hindi ako gumastos! Buti pa SM, kahit iisa lang yung rack ay meron (at libre). Kinailangan ko pa talaga maglakad from SM Mega to Shangri la and back.

Nagiging hobby ko na ata magbike ng tanghaling tapat ah? Left home at around 1:30 at shet ang itim itim ko nananaman na hindi pantay. Arrived at around 8pm. Travel time from All Terra is around an hour and a half.Antagal ko sa white plains tsktsk. Nagffeeling kotse kasi ako most of the time, as in sinasarili ko yung lane kasi ayaw ko nga sumingit pag super kitid yung daan.

Yung papunta ko from bahay to shaw is an hour, faster in bike than commute yey! Kaya lang I think pollution is really killing me and taking all the positive effects bikes should bring health-wise. Ii need a mask na may filter or yung headdress na di makapal to keep the freaking pollution away from my face, I swear parang diretso sa brain ko yung usok THAT IS NOT GOOD. WHY MUST MANILA BE SO POLLUTED :(((

Lerler yung All Terra wala sila lahat ng hinahanap ko: fingerless gloves, mask, chain protector, cheap front lights for my bike (cheapest they have is 750), tapos ako sa loob ko WTH WELL, WHAT *DO* YOU HAVE??! Lerks pero sobrang ok ng customer rep so you wouldn't have the heart to be annoyed. Ay tapos ang heartbreaking, sabi ni customer rep hindi daw pwede ipaupgrade to sixspeed yung bike ko kasi konti lang yung space, andaming kelangan palitan at tanggalin if ever. Pero yung sa John Wilkie sabi ok naman daw siya palitan. OHWELL sana, sana pwede talaga.

Andami ko nang raaants I have to go get some sleep.

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Parang 3d pala yung viewfinder niya. Love love love

I want... must earn... I want...


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Today's Bike Log 3.8km

Bike Log another 4.8km FUUU ang hirap talaga pasundan si google maps sa route na gusto ko but this is the closest i think D:

Finally bought fingerless gloves (that are a bit too big for me) and a 50-peso stretchable, circular bandana thing to be used as a mask. Kulang ko nalang shades talaga para well protected na ko. and decent lights!! Needz monehs

First time to bring the bike to the LRT! Got lots of curious stares. And yey nagugulong pala yung bike pag nakafold, pupush mo like a grocery cart haha kala ko hindi umaandar pag nakafold. Buti nalang si manong guard tinry niya. Chaka talaga mag-assume :))

National Museum - not bike friendly! Wala kang bike racks booo. Had to chain my bike sa grills ng gate. The guard can see it, sure, pero whurrif marami nagdala ng bike??? Crowded much sa gate? Get a bikerack, NM! :D

Didn't budget my film properly ahahah Wala na kong film pagdating sa Museum of the Filipino People. Owell papel. Bitin ako acsholli! Siguro meron pa kong mga 3 galleries na hindi navview. At di na kami nakapuntang Planetarium sad. Pero yung sa main National Museum pinakyaw namain lahat hahaha.

Wala akong nakitang magandang camera strap! Well meron sa style na gusto ko at the price I want, but not at the color I want so booo. :))) Arte. Thinking of DIYing nalang (DIM?) but it will probably cost more ahahahaha


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