Ok, this hashtag made me guffaw.


Costar Wars
You've Got Blackmail

She's Not The Man #AddaWordRuinaMovie

#AddaWordRuinaMovie Lord of the Onion Rings: The Return of the Burger King

There Will Not Be Blood #addawordruinamovie

Pretty ugly woman #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Saving Private Ryan's Private #AddaWordRuinaMovie

#AddaWordRuinaMovie Forgetting Sarah Marshall Died.

Friends With Unemployment Benefits

renee. ‏@ItsReneeAllen 5m
Harry potter and the kidney stone #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Tim Andrews ‏@timandrews19 6m
Schindler's grocery list. #AddaWordRuinaMovie

RayGorman ‏@RayGorman 7m
Shawshank Coupon Redemption #AddaWordRuinaMovie

@Bergvandenpim Saving Private Ryan Gosling #addawordruinamovie

David Duffy ‏@D_Duffer 10m
Superman returns underpants #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Julie Threlkeld™ ‏@juliethrelkeld 11m
The King's Slurred Speech #addawordruinamovie

Christine Pechera ‏@christinepeach 11m
Fight Club Sandwich #addawordruinamovie

Pfeifer ‏@fbonacci 11m
Annie's Hall Pass #AddaWordRuinaMovie

Sarah Ivell ‏@sarahivell8 13m
#AddaWordRuinaMovie High School Musical Chairs

Cersei the Fair ‏@NiceQueenCersei 3h
#AddaWordRuinaMovie The Return of The King Joffrey

Dan Slott ‏@DanSlott 5h
The Tax Return of The Jedi #AddaWordRuinaMovie

88 Cʜinito ‏@Jayare13 5h
LeBron James and the giant peach

Posted by chronicwind on October 6, 2013 at 08:51 PM | catch a feather
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