• From Hexodus in this reddit thread:

    Harsh truths?

    • Want to get that project done? Quit fucking procrastinating. If not now, when? Fuck that "novel you've been thinking about". Fuck your "idea for a product". Nobody gives a fuck about ideas. Either it's done or it isn't. Either you get it done or it stays and lives in your head forever. Fuck tomorrow. Today is all you fucking have, you lazy piece of shit.

    • Want to keep in touch with family better? Pick up your fucking phone and call them for 5 minutes. Tell them you love them. You or they could die before you're done reading this sentence.

    • Want to be a better lover? It takes goddamn work and sacrifice. If you feel like a shitty parent, or boyfriend, or wife, how about you quit feeling sorry about it, and change it. Quit being an asshole about it. Buy her flowers. Rub his back. Take your kids to the goddamn park.

    • Want to save money? Quit fucking buying shoes or games on Steam. Have some goddamn willpower. You control what you spend on. You will never regret saving money.

    • Want to get in shape? Put down your fucking McDonald's. Get off of your fat ass and go to the gym. Fuck, go for 3.5 minutes a day, just go. Do something, anything more than what you're currently doing. You will never regret working out. Ever. If you are overweight and aren't doing anything about it, don't embrace it and say you're happy being the "beautiful you". It's not about being beautiful. Fuck beautiful. It's about doing something for yourself.

    • You aren't good enough. You will never be good enough. What the fuck does that even mean? You hit the limit of how good you can be? Fuck. That. Start being a better you. You can always improve. Kick your own ass, because nobody gives enough of a shit to kick it for you.

    • Stop waiting for shit to happen. You put on a tie, strap on your best shoes, and fucking make it happen. If you don't, nobody will care but you. Those thoughts of regret will be the thoughts you die with. Doesn't matter how "proud" people are of what you have done, are you proud?

    • Make the best of every situation. You can't fucking control 98% of jack shit. But guess what? You control 100% of the shit that you can control. You and only you. If life put you in a shitty situation, realize that you can either accept it and push forward, or wallow in and sink. That decision lies within you, and waiting for things to get better is an excuse to settle and be lazy.

    • Quit being a pussy. Go out and get what you want. Want that raise? Ask for it, pussy. The worst that will happen is someone will tell you "no". Boo fucking hoo. But guess what? You might get a "yes". You will never receive anything if you don't ask for it.

    • The only person who really cares about every aspect of your life is you. So fucking be good and true to yourself. Don't put others before your happiness, because 99% of them wouldn't put you before theirs. You'll know the few that will.

    • Some people will never like or approve of you, no matter what you do. Fuck them. Don't waste one second of your one life worrying about those people.

    • Are you not happy with the way things are? Fucking change some shit. Or else it will stay the exact fucking same. If you can't change something, either accept it or work around it. Find a silver lining. I promise there are many in every situation.

    • You few fuckers who are actually reading this- guess what? In 100 years, you will be forgotten. Unless you write yourself into history, nobody will utter your name. The things you do here, now, matter to you and you alone. So make yourself happy. Do things to make yourself proud. Throw caution to the wind, because you have nothing to lose. Nothing at all.

Posted by chronicwind on January 2, 2014 at 10:14 PM | 1 caught a feather
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thechangedman (guest)

Comment posted on January 3rd, 2014 at 07:00 AM
I'd like this if Tabulas had a like feature. Awesome words of wisdom, spoken with realism.