I really need to create that biking blog. 
Biked from house to the bridge using the Animal Trail aka lovers lane (bawat bench talaga may couple!), and then  back to Loyola Memorial, creating a loop. Biked around Loyola Memorial for a while, the birds were loud at this time (around 5pm.) Instead of passing by the route I usually bike towards home, I turned right on the street before chorillo, kept going straight instead of turning left, then found myself in a baseball field. On my 24 years of living here I never knew there was a field there, where some people are playing (ateneans, most prolly, based on their shirts). Beyond the field was a trail leading to the mountain and I so, so want to explore it but I'm scared of snakes and it's getting dark and how I wish I have someone to bike up that trail with! I left it for another day. 1 hour of biking did ease my dysmenorrhea (well, any exercise does that) and no matter how difficult it was to get up and condition yourself to go out (I was writhing in pain in the couch), I'm glad I did. God this entry has so many parenthetical clauses I suck as a writer. 

Posted by chronicwind on January 6, 2014 at 08:41 PM | catch a feather
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