1. Packing. Why can't things just pack themselves?

2. Filling up forms. It's tedious. 

3. E-mailing. Just read my mind, please thanks.

4. Cleaning. Because fulfillment from cleaning is directly proportional to the mess.

5. Waking up. I'm one of those who snoozes the alarm in five-minute intervals until I absolutely must get up.

7. Dressing up. After shower, I wrap a towel around myself and sit in front of the computer. For 30 minutes at least. 

8. My online job. I only work when it's crunch time. 

9. Initiating. Horrendous consequences.

10. Revealing feelings. Delaying pain is not a good strategy but I trash the logic repeatedly.

There you go, I'm lazy as fuck

Posted by chronicwind on February 26, 2014 at 01:39 AM | catch a feather
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