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I have just achieved the impossible trifecta of being fast, great, and ridiculously cheap. Now I know why you could only pick two... Next time I deliver this quality of work in a short amount of time, it is going to cost you. A LOT. 

Should've really negotiated for more pay T_T
I am not happy
I just comfort myself with the thought that I support the cause.

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whooooaaa 1 hour easy money. I love ette!!

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Hindi ko maintindihan: redscale film. Why? Why why??? It looks horrible. Why do people intentionally want this? Sayang lang.

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Um. I really want this?

Huhuhuhu shet gusto ko talaga okay.

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parents upon seeing my newly-bought reel and tank:

"ano yan, oil lamp?"

"lutuan ng kanin?"


Today: had the pictures scanned and developed. postprocessed it and then uploaded. Wow, this is the fastest i have posted something I think @_@ congrats to me?

in other news...... i am so unproductive in terms of work. need to find a full time job okay @_@

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I believe in ONE chance, and  not fucking it up.

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AYUSIN MO TRABAHO MO. 16 essays a day. okay??? 8 hours.

photoshoot every week.

BLOG every week. 

REFLECT every day.

stop social media every 5 minutes.

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to me from me

1. Clean house every morning, before she wakes up

2. Clean house every night, before she comes back home

3. Ask her what she wants for breakfast

4. Cook what she wants for breakfast

5. Greet her enthusiastically when she arrives home

6. Ask how her day went

7. Eat a meal with her at least once a week. As in sit down in the table with her, without any distractions.

8. Drive her to her destinations.

9. Offer to pick her up

10. Actually pick her up, on time.

11. Buy her flowers for no reason

12. Tell her she's pretty

13. Tell her you love her.

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Ba't ang gagaling nila @_@ 


Pwedeng pwede 'to sa La Mesa Nature Reserve!


Someday. Soon! This year.

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This! I'm tired of sitting in the sidelines watching others jump  and do their dreams.


Photograph 1 wedding this July!

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Experienced one of the scariest thing in my life.

My mother fainted.

Only for a few seconds, but God my heart.

I saw her blank eyes. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng eyes na ganun. 

Shet. Natatakot parin ako every time naaalala ko.

Buti she recovered agad. Dahil pala sa gutom.

Good thing na may bahay dun sa farm, at may food. At hindi pa kami umaakyat nung naramdaman niyang nahihilo siya. Kasi kung magcollapse siya paakyat, mahirap siyang buhatin.

So scary talaga. Never again. 

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