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Something unfair was bothering me. I was hurt and shit, and so I gave myself a talking-to.

There's nothing you can do about it! Forgive even if the person is not sorry. Walang magagawa ang feelings mo sayo.

Amazing. Right after deciding to move on, I felt oddly calm.

So lesson: first step is always deciding. Face it, and tell yourself to forgive and let go of the hurt. Keeping feelings in the background just builds up to a constant annoyance, and will blow up later.

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"Ang ganda ng photos mo!"

Eeeh just the right thing to say to me today! :>
Kilig hahaha

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OMG! My favorite photog, A Jacona, is following me!! Giddyyy.  Now I upload good content hahahaha

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My priorities have totally changed. Where before I measure money by how much I can travel with it, now I measure them by how much I can push my film photography forward. Before: oh you need 1000 pesos worth of clothes? That's already a roundtrip fare to Cebu! Now: Want to go to laguna for 1000 pesos? Um, nahh... that's already five rolls of film. Haha. But face it, I only travel for the pictures, well for the experience too but mostly for the pictures :p And now I find that I can create the pictures wherever the hell I want (aka here), no need to travel much. 

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So happy. worth it naman pala ang 70pesos for the mail hahaha

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OMG! It's being viewed! lalalala~

Edit: okay this is a joke. US lang pala. hahahahaha. sample graph lang ata to eh. lelelels

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OH.. em. Wala na palang television without pity? WHY WHY WHY

This is sad

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So, birthday over. Was my first time baking brownies - from scratch! Haha pakshet ang mahal pala. And whoa, didn't realize the sugar content for these pastries are high. Mas marami pa pala ang asukal sa flour! Mygahd the unhealthiness... if I do this as a hobby gulay tataba talaga ako. I'm happy though that it turned out edible! Haha ok it was more than that, they were actually quite good once the brownies have settled. Chewy yung crust sides niya which I liked. Cream cheese swirl was a fail, dapat talaga as frosting nalang yun; nanay said the cream cheese part tasted like puto haha. Anyway, mas masarap pa yung parts na walang cream cheese :)) Ohwell at least it's highly edible lels and I did not burn down the kitchen yay~! Though next time I'll probably just spend my 500 on Purple Oven's lemon square bars, now those are delicious. Mmm. 

Here's the recipe I followed: Red Velvet Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies

It did not look as good as that; fail ang swirling ko and I don't have sprinkles. Anyhooo this recipe made 32  2"x3" rectangles for me.

Not a bad new-thing-to-do. I'm so thankful that I have a friend with a kitchen I can borrow! To more - healthy - baking!

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So I just paid for a pakon f135plus...


:> :> :>

cannot wait!

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