How to avert a lagnat 101

Yesterday afternoon I felt like a fever was coming. By 7pm I was shivering and way hotter than normal, and not in a good way. Plan:

1. Take a long shower

2. Eat orange

3. Drink soup

4. Sleep well (8 or more hours)

The first three made me feel better, but the fever was still raging. I slept at 10, woke up at around 3 and was still hot. Soaked a towelette in water and proceeded to press it on my forehead, neck, armpits, arms to cool me off. Fell asleep with it on my forehead. Woke up at around 8, feeling normal.

Lagnat averted overnight, no meds involved! I really love my body sometimes :)

Posted by chronicwind on December 1, 2014 at 01:19 AM | catch a feather
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