This is me. I am wildly optimistic to the point of delusion. Kanina lang I was 30 minutes late because I was positive that the thing that takes 20 minutes, I could do in 10. I procrastinate and entertain my instant gratification monkey and leave the house way past the punctual timeframe. I am supposed to be packing for a trip right now and yet I am here blogging, slowly dwindling my hours of sleep but I cannot get myself to move (the 'strong aversion for transition', I call it the travel inertia). I hate how I'm chronically late and I feel terrible about it and I know I have to change but look at me, still typing here instead of hauling my ass upstairs to shove clothes inside a bag. 

I have a problem.

Posted by chronicwind on July 11, 2015 at 12:36 AM | catch a feather
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