Frustrated with myself for losing my company id, where my sss number is located. Current employer is asking for it and now because of my stupidity, i have to drag myself out of bed early tomorrow and troop to the nearest sss. Haha ang babaw but it's fucking inconvenient. I hate myself sometimes.

Nakakainis maging tanga lalo na't wala ka namang katapatan maging tanga.

I consider myself as a kind person, but goddamn do i find it extremely difficult to be kind to myself. Kung di lang mas malaki ang aversion ko to physical pain kesa sa hatred ko sa sarili ko, i wouldve stabbed myself over and over. Ang sakit pa mg sugat ko mula sa tambucho burn, i think it might be infected. One week na eh, ansakit pa rin. And it doesnt look like it is healing. Pucha. I don't need another peklat on my legs. Quota na ko this year with my bike katangahan wounds. Quota na sa sugat and stupidity please. 

Posted by chronicwind on August 2, 2015 at 11:19 PM | catch a feather
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