Let it be said that I love my nanay so much. So. Damn. Much. I think she sensed that I was feeling a bit sad on my birthday so she was all 'WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO, LET'S GO DO SOMETHING!!! I know, let's clean your room!!!" Hahaha typical nanay.  And after we went out to dinner she uploaded a whole bunch of photos of the celebration, to the point that its kind of embarrassing, really, but in a cute kind of way. God I don't deserve her, no one on earth does, she's so pure and caring and i love her so much, but lately i feel like I've been taking her for granted (she deserves a better, more responsible, more helpful daughter), and my biggest fear is that I would lose her without me loving her enough. I guess some change is in order (the good kind). Mahal na mahal kita, nanay.  

Posted by chronicwind on July 29, 2016 at 12:45 AM | catch a feather
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