i am quite okay now.

Haha ambilis eh no.


I guess it just hurts being the dumpee. An ego thing. Yung 'ano ba naman yun, di mo ko pinaglaban'? But if the tables had turned, di ko rin naman ipaglalaban HAHA. And hello, wala pa kayong dalawang buwan. Wala ka pang nameet sa friends niya, sa family niya (and vice versa); even your boss and coworker that you are with 8+ hours a day dont even know about his existence. Tapos feeling mo kanina super heartbroken ka na? HA HA HA I guess i just idealized the relationship post-"breakup" because... well because I thought we really could've been something. But looking back, during the whole thing I was not 'FUCK YES' all the time, we lack conversational chemistry, and the past few weeks of him pulling back was excruciating. If he didn't bring up ending things, I would've. 

What I really miss is his physical presence - since more on physical lang din naman talaga tong relasyon na 'to. I guess this means its time to meet new people.

Posted by chronicwind on October 26, 2016 at 07:05 PM | catch a feather
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