I tried walking coz im planning to join this virtual race thing (virtualrace.ph) and i really dont like running long distances so walk nalang as practice for the race.

It feels so liberating to not be in the mercy of uber surges, rush hour traffic, flat tires... i know napaka privileged na walking is just an option for me pero what the hell bakit ba ngayon ko lang naexplore tong option na to, kaya naman siya eh. Biking frm work gets me 'wow, kaya mo yun?' reactions but walking got me a 'that's crazy'. as filipino yuppies wala talaga sa mindset natin ang paglalakad ano? But imagine if we become a walking culture, maybe we'd care more about our sidewalks, plant more greens ganyan but then nahhh wishful thinking, lahat naman tayo nagccommute/drive at ang lala parin ng problema haixzst

Scary lang na habang naglalakad ako a car stopped and rolled down the window at lumapit naman ako thinking he was going to ask directions or something but he said 'sakay ka na' and im like NOPE NOPE NOPE no way would i get inside an unknown car! May motorcycle din na nagstop for me and offered a ride (it was a long stretch of road kasi) and of course that's another no, tho nafeel ko namang sincere si koya at naawa lang sya sakin ganyan BUTof course di dapat sumakay. Nakakacreep out lang pag may kumakausap sobrang weird lang siguro talaga makakita ng babaeng naglalakad .... na mag isa. And that sucks coz sa singapore nakapaggala pa ko mag isa at like 12am and i felt so safe pero here, i dont think magpapaabot na ko ng gabi na naglalakad. 

I did miss biking tho! Yun parin preferred kong mode of transport to and from work but for the meantime, walking will d o I have a race to complete :)

Posted by chronicwind on March 17, 2017 at 09:42 PM | catch a feather
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