We're all just parasites leaching off our host, mother earth and what if conscious siya talaga as a being no? As in it is aware that it exists, that other planets like it exists, that they're all different from one another but still the same, tas naiimagine ko kinakausap ni earth si mars like 'bes, ansakit nanaman ng tiyan ko, ano bang ginagawa ng mga taong to' and what if the inner core is its brain, hindi lang natin macomprehend just like how actual parasites cant comprehend how humans think and what if alam ni ni earth na mamamatay siya sometime, may fear of death kaya siya but all these imply a consciousness, saan ba nanggagaling yun i mean we're all just atoms anyway

Posted by chronicwind on June 14, 2017 at 12:47 AM | catch a feather
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