So i matched with this guy on tinder more than a month ago but ive stopped replying coz ~tinatamad ako~ with the whole dating process but then someone i follow retweeted a screenshot with him in it so im shookt is this the universe telling me a go-ahead, talk to him again??? This screenshot is a funny mistaken identity kind of thing anyway ang point is nandun yung full name niya so naturally I checked his facebook acct AND AND AND he is so my type: not physically BUT he writes well and seems to have a lot of friends and he's involved in causes and v. anti-duterte (this was in his tinder profile too; as in prereq na hindi ka pro-duts hahaha) and he's chinese so in short almost like the last guy i dated (shet may type ako eh no) but unlike him wala sigurong mabigat na baggage??? *still to be determined 

hahahha kakausapin pa kaya ako non also ive decided (thru his fb acct) that this one is a good egg and maybe too good for me, smart and articulate so eto nanaman ako thinking im not enough

Eto talaga problema ko lagi ano im easily intimidated ano na. Just funny bec yesterday i was just showing my friend my tinder acct and this guy who has the most well-written profile ive seen since *him* and she's like "gaga mukhang matino tong guy and mukhang interested, kausapin mo na anukaba!!!" and coincidentally today he shows up in my feed hahaha so oo na kakausapin ko na!!! Pakipot lang talaga ako sa universe sometimes

Posted by chronicwind on January 21, 2018 at 10:39 PM | catch a feather
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