We were okay for a couple of days, when I posted about us on social media, he was very warm and thankful. But recently I feel like he's pulling back - and it's painful that he doesn't reply anymore to each message, doesn't ask how I am, doesn't initiate a conversation. It makes me feel lonely to the point of crying. Although sabi naman namin we should talk less, this hurts because we were okay naman for the past days. Haay I may be overthinking this pero di na ata siya interested. We really need to have another heart to heart... yung kung break, break na talaga as in no contact. But I'm not yet ready to have this conversation again... patapusin ko nalang muna birthday niya; I want him to have a good one.

Quota na ko sa pag-iyak ngayong Mayo ah

Posted by chronicwind on May 17, 2018 at 07:35 PM | catch a feather
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