When i started this ldr thing i thought as long as he still wants me, im good, im holding on. But now i think that there are a lot of meh moments that come in waves, times when you feel deep uncertainty, times when you just dont feel like it, times when you want to give up. And ive been feeling this from him: the pull backs, the uninspired replies. But then i think that well, if i really like this guy (and i do) i would be the one to step up, i would be the one to continue, to assure that im still in it, that i want this, that im all in, head to toe, heart and soul. Like, i cant expect him to be the one whose feelings doesnt waver, and my actions cant be just based on whatever feelings he has for me. It doesnt need to be 50-50 all the time, if i have to do more then i would, i should. I want to keep him and its going to be a lot of work, but im willing and thats what's important.

Grabe head over heels in love talaga ko sa taong to ano

Posted by chronicwind on May 20, 2018 at 02:35 PM | catch a feather
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