Ok so after 2 days I broke no contact HAHA i just realized hindi ata clear yung nangyari and I feel like there was a blurry line between nang-ghost lang ako and nagno-contact, so I messaged him a clear "i care about you but we're looking for different things we can't provide each other right now (security and commitment from him, physical intimacy from me jusqo bakit ba kasi 'to long-distance!!!) so i guess this is goodbye" and what i got was, "this hurts for me too, believe me, keep in touch pls xxxxxxx" so I guess it's clear and that's that.

Sakit ng puso ko pagkatapos pero wala namang iyak, just a throbbing pain which will calm down soon.

Natatakot nga ako na masyado akong kampante, and in a month's time pa magmamanifest yung sobra sobrang hurt. Oh well bring it on; it was a good first half, 2018! 

Posted by chronicwind on May 25, 2018 at 10:34 AM | catch a feather
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