I felt normal today.

No crying. No heavy heart. There is constant thinking about him though - all good memories. I still kept wondering whether i should've chosen differently, or how i couldve worded my break up message better. Whether we're still going to see each other someday, whether we'll keep our countdown or we'll be complete strangers in a year's time.. whether i shouldve gone all in when he was all in, or whether i did everything right, with the information i have? Would i have kept him, some way, somehow, or no matter how hard i try he will still want to date others? Should i have expressed my desire to move to him sooner, or

It's no use. 

Im actually suprised these questions do not make me break down crying.. just normal thoughts running through my head, without answers. And i feel okay

Okay is good

Posted by chronicwind on May 28, 2018 at 11:56 PM | catch a feather
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